5 Things I Value More Than Money And I Know You Do Too


On Quora, somebody asked; What’s more valuable than Money? I answered; Probably 5 Things. It could be more depending on the person answering this. To me, All I’ve ever wanted and all there is to be happy depend on these 5 things. Money or not, I want these and will always strive to have these 5 things;

#1. Life

I spent about 3 months in a hospital ward when I was a little bit younger. In the ward where I was admitted, many sick people came with the hope of getting healed. The sad truth is; a lot of them didn’t make it. I saw people struggling to have their lives back but lost it anyway.

I was with a man whose only wish was to go home and say sorry to the family; the next morning he was gone. He had died with his apology printed on the little veins of his heart. No time left to say what his heart wanted to say at that moment.

That was when the essence of having a life dawned on me. I knew if I’m able to breathe a day more, I could accomplish a lot. There’s a tomorrow which always comes with a lot of promises. If I have life, I can take advantage of everything.

I’m sitting in this bus writing this because there’s life. This lady sitting next to me is dozing her life away but it’s alright. She can still wake up and make a difference in my life if only she could chat with me. I picked up my phone, smiled and took a selfie with her sleeping face because life hasn’t given up on me yet.

What more could I ever ask for?

#2. Time

When I was 10 years old I was very careless. I had no respect for people. All people could say was; he’s young when he grows up, he’ll learn to respect. Then I was 15. I saw myself as the little man and often told my parent I wasn’t a kid when they tried to reprimand me.

In my mind, if I was old enough to have a girlfriend then I’m old enough to deserve not to be reprimanded. All my parents said was; when you grow up you’ll learn how adults behave. Then I went to the secondary school. My parents advised me to study hard so I become somebody when I grow up.

All these “when you grow up” talks planted in my mind the thought that I was young. There seemed to be a lot of growing up to do. I lived a carefree life. After all, I was young. Then I failed in school so I had to spend 4 years in the house trying to better my grades so I could go to the university.

My insolence towards people made me burn a lot of bridges I could have used to cross to future rivers. All of a sudden, I was 30 and regretful. I regretted all the times I wasted thinking I was a child. I regretted not learning enough to become the somebody my parent always dreamt of.

Today, I wish above all things to go back to be young again so I could live my life right from the start. I’ll give all I have today, to have all the times I’ve wasted back. But then, times gone are never to return. All the money in this world cannot bring the wasted years back. So I’m stuck in today, wishing I could have a sneak peek into yesteryears and right all my wrongs.

#3. Kindness

Yesterday I helped a friend in need. This morning he called to say; Thank you. The feeling was awesome. I felt I’ve made a difference in a person’s life. I felt he wouldn’t forget about me easily and someday he might return the favor.

Somewhere early this year I wrote on LinkedIn. I told my friends there that I’m available to help people who were doing a project or doing a research on Occupational Health and Safety. I ended up working with 11 different people on 11 different project. These people were also very thankful. Now we are professionally connected. They call to offer me professional advice each day and ask if I needed help.

A colleague offered to pay my taxi fare the other time. I was grateful to him. Last month I met him in a shop and I offered to pay for everything he bought. I didn’t forget what he did for me and I guess he did understand why I helped.

I hope you are getting the trend? Whatever kindness you show to people never goes wasted. Do things for others. It opens doors of opportunities for you. Opportunities that you don’t need money to buy. When people shower you with appreciation, it makes your head swell and makes you feel that you too can make a difference.

Anyone you do a favor to is psychologically indebted to you. Someday when you least expected it, they will return the favor you did them. Yeah, I know. Some people will never do but trust me, those who always return a favor do it in threefold or more.

Decide to be kind to one person each day of your life for the next five years and see the result. You’ll then agree with me that what you get being kind is way better than what you get with money.

#4. Sex

Sex…Wow. There is something about sex that words usually fail to explain vividly. Anytime I’m asked about how sex feels; immediately words abandon me.  It’s like a mute trying to say a word for the first time of his life. Even now I’m still struggling to find words to explain why I think sex is better than money.

It is at this point in life that I realize words can’t paint everything to be read or understood. But that is the magic only sex can bring. You can’t explain it, but then, you know it. You know deep down that sex gives a better pleasure than anything words could ever say.

Sex makes me feel like I’m plugged into something larger than life. That connection takes my loneliness away. It gives me the impression that someone wants me to the extent that they give me the right to be naked right in front of them.

The sweat, the moan, the sweet melody of the body’s rhythm is everything. Everything that is able to banish my fears and make me lonely and wanted at the same time. At that moment, nothing matters. I can promise to give the world away though I have nothing to my name. I can vow to fly to the sun and back with waxwings.

What could ever be better than sex? Is it money? Nope!

#5. You 

When I was young and in love, I wrote a letter to a girl that I never had the courage to deliver. I found the letter in my old stuffs recently. In one paragraph of the letter I wrote; “if I have you, what else could I ever want”

Now let’s talk about you. Yeah, you reading this at this very moment. What wouldn’t your parents give to have you stay alive? I ask again, what wouldn’t your true friends do just to see a smile on your face? And again, what miles wouldn’t your love travel just to have you say “I do”? And just now I’m asking myself; what wouldn’t I give to have you here every day reading my blog?

Of all these questions, the answer could just be one; all of us will give more than just money to have you here with us.

Now tell me, if this doesn’t make you more valuable than money, then what will?

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Your worth as the person you are right now cannot be measured in silver or gold. When someone needed a friend, you were there not money. When someone needed another to laugh with, you were there not money. In the night when someone was cold and lonely and needed arms around their shoulders, you were right there.

So today, I wouldn’t need any special courage to say; If I have you, what else could I ever want?


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  1. That’s deep Esi…Time is very unforgiving. I hope we make the best of it

  2. Usually, when we make mistakes, we regret deeply not for the mistakes but rather for the precious TIME wasted…nice piece!

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