If You Want to Be a Lucky Person, Do Only These


I was a lucky person once. Here is what happened.

I would wake up in the morning and all my prayers were to find money on the ground or somebody should give me a tip. Those are the days when I was young.

Most times it so happened that I could afford the luxury of candy and ice cream because I got lucky—I found a coin on the ground so I was able to afford some sweet.

Usually when I tell people about the stories of how and where I got the money, they tell me I’m a lucky person; “You always find money on the ground. Is it some kind of magic?” They wondered.

Actually, I felt I’ve been endowed with some kind of good luck from the gods up above who look over us. I felt special. No one could get plenty money from the ground than I could.

In the days that I didn’t pick money from the ground, I pretended people’s pocket is an extension of the earth. I would pick money from there too. My dad, my uncles, senior siblings, they were not all safe from my picking hand, from the kind of luck I only possess.

I grew up. Things have changed. The economy is hard. It’s not easy to come by money. People are not dropping their money these days because all monies are tied to some kind of a thread and the end tied to the belt holes.

Trousers are hung without a coin left for a picking hand like mine. My luck has run out.

What Happened to Good Luck?

Good things happened to me without effort. I picked money that I didn’t work for. To me that was luck. Luck is anything that gives you treasure without necessarily working for it.

Lady luck throws gold into our plates because it’s you she fancies and wants to make rich. I was wrong! Everything I ever hoped was luck is actually everything that is not.

I went to the soccer bet one time and placed what I have on a team I thought could win. I later ran to some corner, looked up to a spot on the ceiling and said; “here I am imploring you, lady luck. Shine on me today. Make me that lucky guy I once was. Help me win again to reclaim my spot on the lucky chart.”

Need I say I lost the bet? What happened to luck when you needed one?

We’ve been conditioned to believe that luck is the good things that happen to us when we were actually not deserving of them. Out of nowhere something happens to us and we relate it to luck because it was unexpected.

We didn’t work for it. Those moments are next to miracles. It doesn’t happen most often. Most people hardly find such favors that they didn’t work for. It’s rare.

The truth is this. You can create your own luck. Every day of your life, you can make yourself available to be found by luck. Here’s what you should know;

Luck is an opportunity, take it!

Probably today nobody remembers Ronald Wayne. He was one of the three founders of Apple Inc. Actually he drew the first logo for Apple and also wrote the contract document for the company that gave him 10% shares in 1976.

Later, he decided to let go of his 10% stake in the company for only $1,500 because he did not see a brighter future for the company. He was scared the company was going to run into some kind of debt and he would be made liable.

Today, 10% shares in Apple Inc. is $60 billion. Wayne is still alive today and he’s not rich. Nobody even remembers his name as one of the originators of a company that changed the world.

He had the opportunity to be lucky—the only thing he had to do was to be optimistic. Today, he would have been a billionaire. Not just that but also a part of a history that led to greater things.

Luck rewards us more than we actually deserve. It is not always about having something that you didn’t work for. Sometimes you just have to put in your bit for a greater reward.

The cliché is this; “opportunity comes but once.” To take advantage of opportunities, you should be able to see the positives through the negatives. You should be there and ready to seize the chunk of it whenever opportunity comes your way.

Just hold on with your $1,500 so in the near future you receive $60 billion. That is how you draw luck unto yourself.

Luck is a call to action, Respond!

Here and now attitude is what is required to make yourself known to luck. many of us have lost some opportunities in our lives because we refused to take action. We always counted on something that we lack as a reason we refused to take action.

Good ideas come into our heads most often but we refused to act on it because we believe the moment is not now. The moment will be when we had something or in a certain position.

“If I had a million, I would have been able to accomplish A or B.” If only I can travel abroad, I would have been able to do A and B.” This should not be the language of an individual who wants to be a friend to luck. Do something now. Take a chance—a good chance so you could be considered a candidate for some good luck.

When we wait for the moment to be right, we lose the opportunities prevailing in our current situations. Tomorrow you might be saying; “If only I did that yesterday, I would have been worth this much today.”

Always act on your ideas however little they may seem. When the juice is worth the squeeze, don’t wait for anything. Respond to the call of opportunities. Act!

Procrastination is a thief of good luck, avoid it!

Many good things have passed us by because we refused to act. We always had a reason to reschedule our actions to another day. And in another day, we still do not take action because we could still wait for another day to take same action. On and on it goes till we realize to our regrets that times are far gone. It’s too late to take action now.

Procrastination draws us far from our chance to succeed. It could be the only factor in the reason why our good luck was lost to us.

We knew we had to act. It was clear if we did something small, the effects would have been enormous but —but we procrastinated. We pushed it further and further to another day till it’s finally lost.

The best day to do anything is today. If you push it to another day when you could have done it today, you’ve lost a day’s progress.

Procrastination can’t give you luck. It steals the opportunity to be lucky. When procrastination whispers in your ears, respond with a firm voice saying; “I’m here. I’m able and I’ll act now.”

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