How To Turn Your Child Into The Billionaire You Couldn’t Become


I have a child. A boy. He’s only a year and some few months old. His innocence and the way he goes about everyday things get to me in the right way. Somedays I want to scream at him and tell him to stop some of the dubious things he does but a piece of me feels very wrong about that; “he’s just a child, allow him to play.” I hear myself say but everything that makes him happy goes against what I know happiness to be. Maybe I’m jealous of his innocence. I look at him and I realize how much time has stolen from me.

He’s not going to remain like this forever. Whatever time stole from me, it will steal from him too, which I wish it never happens, but I have no say in these matters. He’ll be two years soon. Sooner than I know, he’ll turn five. One day, I’ll blink and he’ll turn ten. By the time I would be planning his 15th birthday, he’ll walk up to me and say; “Dad, I’m 20 years.” That’s how fast time flies.

So I won’t wait too long before teaching him what he needs to do to own a piece of the sun. He should know these before he turns 10 years.

#1. How To Sell

All the world’s billionaires sell something. To be rich or to become wealthy, you ought to be good at making people part with their money. Money is hard to come by and as the years go by, people have become wise in the ways they spend their money. The things people usually spend on are things that solve a problem in their lives or at least promises to solve their problems for them. Ask your child to identify two things that kids in his class usually fights on. Buy few of those items to him to sell it to his friends at a price little bit higher than in the market. Help him reinvest the profit. Also, Give him something that is necessarily not in demand in his class to sell. Here, your child’s job is to convince his friends that they need what he has before they can be happy. If he succeeds at both, he’s on his way to becoming a great salesman. Great Salesmen makes the world goes round.

#2. Problem Solving

All rich people have one thing in common; they solved a problem in their community. Most of these problems have been around for a long time and people have tried in several ways to put an end to it. Mostly they are not able to or their solutions give rise to more problems that need solving. Teaching your kid the art of problem-solving is the key thing to his future success. Don’t identify the problem for him to solve. Make him identify the problem himself and ask him how he thinks the problem could be solved. Kids have the craziest ideas. Mostly they’ll give you the most eccentric answers to the problem. What you are looking from him is not the actual solution. You are only teaching him to use his mind.

Ask your kid these questions;

a) What in your class is so bad that you want it changed?
b) What new thing do you wish to see in your class that would be beneficial for learning?
c) What old thing in your class do you think can be made better?
d) What problems do the kids in your class usually complain about but your teachers do nothing about?
e) What do you think the authorities in your school should do to make learning better than it is?

Let him write the solutions to these questions down and help him submit it to the school authorities.

#3. How To Handle Rejection

Every successful person has gone through one or more rejections before making it in life. The Harry Potter book was rejected twelve times by publishers. Walt Disney was fired and told he lacked good ideas and imagination. Steve Jobs was fired from Apple, the company he founded with his friend. All these people went through series of major rejections before they became who the world applauds now. Rejection shouldn’t break you down or make you surrender your ideas and settle for comfortable life.

People who reject you are just but few and their reasons for rejecting you shouldn’t be seen as what the world thinks. When you’re rejected, move to the next person. As it is said, “Rejection is only a number.” If you present your ideas to 20 or 50 different people, you’re bound to find one person among the twenty to say yes to you. By all means, don’t ask only one person. By all means, don’t build your dream around the approval of only one person. If the person tells you no, your world would crumble.

#4. Not To Take ‘No’ From Anybody

Teach your child early not to accept no from anyone when it comes to pursuing his dreams. There are a lot of people who have tried things and failed and have resigned to the thought that it cannot be done. Your child should not be made to listen to such people. They couldn’t do it doesn’t mean no one could do it. Teach your child to cut ties with friends that tell him it cannot be done. People who usually take no for an answer don’t go far with their dreams. They give up because of opposition. Those who grit it make it far.

#5. Read

According to research, 85% of self-made millionaires read at least two books in a month. Bill Gates said; “I really had a lot of dreams when I was a kid, and I think a great deal of that grew out of the fact that I had the chance to read a lot.” Bill Gates read his way to success and even today, he reads at least, 50 books in a year. Teaching a child to like reading is like turning on a switch in his head that lights his way to success. It’s not so much about how many books you read. It’s so much about what you make from what you read. Devote an hour a day to teach your child to read. Teach him how to pick the right book and develop the habit of reading right from the onset and he’ll take it up from there. Reading will set your child apart from the competition and will help him grow intelligently than his peers.

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