Top 30 Questions People Have Asked Me This Year And How I Answered Them


#1. I’m over 30 years and haven’t achieved anything in life. Is it too late for me?
It’s not too late if you can start doing something today. Tomorrow might be too late.

#2. What are the most important things in life?
Everyone answers this question differently and the day you find your own answer, that day you’ll become truly free.

#3. Is it selfishness to choose my own happiness over others?
Nope! unless you want to live your life to impress others.

#4.How can I write in such a way that everyone will read?
Everyone would not read what you write but some people will, sometimes few but that’s ok.

#5. I’m not happy with the job I do, should I quit?
If there’s something else you could do to be fulfilled than your job, why not? Never quit your job without a plan B

#6. What’s the one thing you know about rich people that you think everyone should know?
All rich people have something to sell and they sell it very well. If you want to be rich, then learn how to sell. Learn how to make people part with their money and you’ll be rich.

#7. If there’s one advice you’ll give me, what would it be?

#8. I’m not able to say no to people though it’s everything I want to say. How do I learn to say no?
Saying no is easy but the explanation to support your no is always the difficult part. If possible, say no without explaining.

#9. How would I be able to read as many books as I want to?
Make reading part of your schedule. Read in between waiting times and if you can, do audio books too.

#10 How do I discover my passion?
Whatever makes you happy and gives you fulfillment is your passion. Don’t travel looking for it. It has always been with you.

#11. She said no sex until marriage. Should I also say no spending until marriage? 
Is that what you want to say?

#12. How long before I get a new boyfriend after a bitter breakup?
Heal before you get a new one. If you can heal in a day, get a new one the next day.

#14. I lost my job recently and I’m finding it difficult to get another job. What do I do to get a new one quickly?
Look for the solutions to some of the problems some companies are facing. Present your solutions to them, out of the many, one will employ you.

#15. Do I need to blog?
Do you have something to share with the world? If yes, then you have to blog.

#16. Who can I call a friend?
Anyone who shares their water with you in the desert.

#17. How do I drive traffic to my blog?
Provide valuable content. Share your work until you get one person to care about your content. Leave the rest to time.

#18. When is it appropriate to tag my friends in my Facebook post?
I don’t know when it’s appropriate but I know when it’s not appropriate. If your friend is not in the photo, don’t tag him/her. If he/she knows nothing about what you’re posting, don’t tag him/her. If what you are posting is likely to get many comments, don’t tag him/her. Just don’t tag him or her.

#19. I found a girlfriend on Facebook. Can I trust her?
Why not?

#20. Why did you skip #13
I did? Well, I thought no one will realize it.

#21. What’re your plans for the future?
I don’t have plans. I only live one day at a time.

#22. Does that mean you don’t make end of year resolutions?
I don’t. It never works anyway so why waste my time.

#23. What should I do when people say no to me?
Move on to the next person. Ask as many people as you can. Out of the many, one will say yes.

#24. How do I get over my regrets?
Regrets over something you didn’t do? Give yourself the opportunity to do it again. Regrets over something you did? Forgive yourself and move on. The world isn’t waiting as you stay regretting.

#25. What’s the first thing I should do after I’ve been fired from work?
Stay Calm. There’s always another job for another hand to do.

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#26. Is it a sin to use the office internet to search for a new job?
Well, the first sin was committed by the company. It was the company that made you want to leave and that’s a sin. Two sins make a right or? whatever!

#27. How about calling in sick so I can attend an interview somewhere else?
That’s a sin but he’s a forgiving God. And also, if you don’t get the job you interviewed for, that’s God punishing you for lying.

#28. How should my response be if someone I haven’t missed tells me he misses me?
Say “I miss me too”

#29. They say there is someone for everyone. How would I know for sure that who I’m with is the one for me?
As long as they stay with you, they are the one. When they leave, they are not.

#30. If I catch my best friend’s partner cheating on him/her, should I tell my best friend about it?

Do you have any other questions for me? Ask now or forever hold your peace.


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