Today is The Right Time to Say Goodbye to These Type of People


Whenever the month comes to an end like this, I sit and assess the type of people I’ve come in contact with and appreciate the kind of impact they’ve brought to my life over the months. I meet beautiful people. I meet ugly people (not about physical appearance). Through it all, I appreciate the light each side brings into my life.

People are not perfect. I’m not perfect. I wouldn’t like to be someone who judges people due to a “flaw” I think they have in their lives. I carry my own flaws too. And when I’m at my lowest, I crave to be liked regardless of my flaws. I believe every individual deserves same.

That doesn’t mean I should put up with characters that dim my light. There are people who are just who they are and you can do very little about them. You can’t change them and you can’t suggest to them they change. Then it begins to look like you can’t love them for who they are. If you can’t live with such people, it’s best you avoid them to keep your sanity intact.

Over the years, I’ve come across these types of people and I believe they affect my sanity negatively. Today, I’ve decided to let them go. Today I say goodbye to these types of people:

#1. People Who Blame Everyone

Everyone is the cause of their misfortune except themselves. We all have that one friend who does no wrong yet suffers for the wrongs committed by others. Every time. Such people never accept responsibility for their shortcomings. They see no reason to change their way of doing things because they are not wrong. It’s rather others who are wrong. They keep complaining and blaming everyone. The reason for their trouble is that they don’t accept responsibility for anything. When you keep people of this kind around your circles, they create enmity between you and others. They expect you to be enemies with people who do them wrong. It’s better you learn to live without their negative energy.

#2. People Who Don’t Accept Your No

They only want to hear “yes” from you anytime they’ve made a request. And the sad part is, the requests never stop coming. They give nothing yet they want everything. They try to manipulate you and use cunning ways to get you to say yes to everything they ask. It’s not worth the effort to entertain such people. They’ll only stick around when it’s beneficial. Someday when you are not able to give them the honey, they’ll tend their back on you and find another place to get their yes.

#3. People who hardly pay the bills or contribute to paying the bill

When friends meet on a table, they contribute to paying for whatever is consumed. Unless of course, one of the friends decided he/she has won some lotteries so she/he is going to bear all the cost. It doesn’t happen often that one friend always pays the cost. It so happens that mostly we all contribute to pay. If you have a friend who doesn’t understand this principle, you avoid taking him/her out to eat. A friend who pretends to visit the washroom when the bill is served and only returns after the bill is settled is not worth keeping. What does he use his money for?

#4. People who always tell you what they have is better than yours

These types of people seem to be in constant competition with you without your knowledge. To them, they live in a castle on the hills and your low life can’t be compared to theirs. Whenever you try to celebrate your little achievement with them, they tend to tell you they have some better going on in their lives than what you are celebrating. You get a new car and they tell you; “wait until you see what I’m getting next year.” You get a new beautiful hairstyle and all of a sudden they know someone whose hairstyle is nicer. Such people are little holes in your sailing ship. The earlier you patch them, the longer you’ll stay afloat on the rivers of life.

#5. People who call off plans at the eleventh hour

You take whole moments of your life to plan for an occasion with a friend and just when the time is due, they call in to give you some flimsy excuses as to why they cannot make it. Not once. Not twice. Not even thrice. They initially seem upbeat about the plans. They carry on with you through the whole process but when it gets to where it matters most, they rather rain on your parade. Next time, don’t make them the center of your plans. They always have something better to do than to carry out your plans with you. Avoid them in your next business.


#6. People who are overly religious

Everyone has the right to belong. We all chose the religion that’s in consonant with our piece of mind. Practicing your religion shouldn’t come at the expense of another. I once shared a hostel with this very religious fellow and my world came to a standstill. He’ll pray loudly at dawn when my sleeping is at the climax. I couldn’t play my favorite song without receiving lectures on why a man shouldn’t listen to worldly songs. When my girlfriend visits, he tries to do a marathon of evangelism with her, criticizing her fashion sense and her decision to even visit me. It got to a tipping point and all I had to do was to pack out. Such people are leeches who suck the blood of your happiness. Live without them.

#7. People who believe money can’t buy you happiness

Money can’t buy you happiness but everything that gives happiness is bought with money. How does that even work?


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