Things That Don’t Matter But You Keep Wasting Your Life On Them


#1. The Size of Your Wedding Reception

After the wedding, everyone goes home. Everyone goes back to where they came from. You are left alone to create the kind of marriage you want for yourself. The size of the reception has no effect on the outcome of the marriage, good or bad. You could have a beautiful marriage regardless of who came and who didn’t come for the wedding reception. Why waste your head on something that counts for nothing in the end?

#2. External Beauty

The way you look happened by chance. It happened through genetic intervention. You had no contribution or whatsoever to how your face should look or how small or big your lips should appear. You one day looked into the mirror and realized everything was there. It’s been given without having the chance to negotiate for choice.

Your future success or otherwise doesn’t rest on how beautiful you are. You won’t live forever because life gave you a face that’s easy on the eye. ‘Ugly’ people work for their cut, beautiful people do too. When you fart, you probably cease breathing regardless of how beautiful or otherwise you may appear. We are all the same in this thing called life. You get what you put in. You reap only where you’ve sown unless you are a thief.

#3. Your Opinion 

You have an opinion? Hell yes, I have an opinion too. You think what you believe is true? Well, I have news for you. What I believe is also true. Should we argue it out and see who’s right? We can argue it out for a thousand years and we wouldn’t reach a consensus because what each other holds is their truth.

I’ve seen two people from different political divide argue all day. There hasn’t been a day that I’ve heard someone say to the other; “The views of your political party are right so I’m joining your party.” Your right might be wrong with me and my wrong might be right for you. It works for me doesn’t mean it would automatically work for you. Forever, opinions will be divided because all the world can’t move in one direction. There would be chaos.

#4 People’s Opinion About You

People see what they want to see. People see you differently from the way you perceive yourself. Their opinions about you would always be base on the way they see you and not how you see yourself. That’s why what others say about you shouldn’t affect the way you live your life. No one can know you better than you know yourself. Your opinion about yourself should be mightier than any other person’s opinion about you.

Live for yourself and not for the validation of others who only see you the way they want to see you. Listen to what people say but take your own decisions. In the end, you are the one going to live by the results of your decisions so why be bothered by other’s opinions

#5. Failing in an Exams

Examination tests your memory. It tests how well you are able to remember what you’ve been told not to forget. That’s all it is. How successful you’ll be in life is outside the territory of examination. Life brings its own examination. How well you’ll do depends on how you answer the questions of life.

You shouldn’t be heartsad when you fail a school test. By all means, give it your best shot. If you don’t pass, you did your best. It doesn’t mean anything. It doesn’t mean you are a failure. It doesn’t mean you are good for nothing. There is something you are good at. Life has a way of presenting questions from what you do best. Your answers to those questions determine where you’ll be.

#6. Death

I woke up to the death of a little canary I was raising when I was a child. I couldn’t stop crying. Then my grandma told me: “everything eventually dies. Anything that breaths will someday lose their breath; dogs, cows, birds and even humans. We all die..someday.” My grandma is dead now. Eventually, the time came and she lost her breath.

Someday you’ll die. You don’t need to have fears for dying. It will definitely come for you someday. You just have to live the life you’ve been given fully. So someday when death comes, you’ll have no regrets. Treat each day as your last. That way you’ll learn to live each day in full. Death shouldn’t matter in your life. Life should be everything that matters.

#7. The Future

Most people will place their future ahead of everything because they want to be sure of having a better future. What about having a better now? Living for the future is not living at all. Because there is no future. There is only today, now and everything you could make out of now. If you don’t live today, now, you might miss tomorrow, future. And everything you ever left to be enjoyed in the future comes to a waste.

Put in the work today. The results of your good works will take care of the future. If you are scared of the future, then it means you are not doing enough for today. It’s now you do your best. Forget about the future. It has a way of taking care of itself.

#8. The Past 

The past they say is a wasteland. You can’t go back to change anything there. Whatever happened in the past is the reason you are who you are today. Your mistakes, your regrets, your joy, your breakthrough, your problems, your victories all sum up to be who you are now. You only can take cues from the past, then you learn.

When you rest in the shadows of your past, it will be difficult to see the light that is shinning all around you now. There’s guilt in the past. There’s chance to correct the guilt now though you can’t undo yesterday’s guilt. It’s gone. You can only take the chance today presents and make something out of it.

#9. Social Media

You can’t take social media seriously. Your profile is just a representation of who you are and not who you truly are. People decide what and how much of it they want others to know. Usually, the happy moments are highlighted to sell a happy life to others. You shouldn’t let what friends post matter to you in the least.

“Likes” doesn’t mean fondness. The number of comments one gets on a post doesn’t make one is famous. They are all cosmetic. If your life is going nowhere, no number of “likes” will rescue you. If you are lonely and depressed, the number of comments on your post does very little to your situation. Nothing really matters in the world of social media. It’s just a way–one of the several ways to say hello.

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#10. What You Don’t Have

What you don’t have does not kill you. You don’t have a house, but you still live and sleep. You don’t own a car but you still get by anyway. You are not dead though you don’t own a piece of land in prime areas of the country you live. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have what you wish you had.

What matters is what you do with what you have. That will determine whether or not you’ll get what you don’t have. Stop day-dreaming about owning the piece of the sun. Chances are, you might never own it. Yet, life still goes on and you still live.

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