The Day I Became The Reluctant Messiah


Early this morning, I was outside trying to feed my dogs. This little bird. A flycatcher was hovering very close to where I stood. At first, I didn’t suspect it of anything. Usually, they come around to feed on the seeds of my parrot. Just about some few seconds later, a dragon fly fell at my feet and was struggling to get up. I turned and looked up, and this flycatcher was still hovering around. This time, closer to me than at first. What a daring bird, I said in my head.

All this while, I hadn’t been able to create a link between the struggling dragon fly and the flycatcher. Soon it became clear. The dragonfly was a fleeing prisoner. The flycatcher had it in its beak but it managed to escape and fell off my feet. The flycatcher wanted its prisoner back but there I was, standing in between the mighty and the weakling. My next thought was to be a hero. Save the dragonfly and drive the bird away. I hissed at the bird, shhh shhh shhh but this bird won’t fly more than an inch away until it comes back to where it was hovering.

Determined. It wanted to take what belongs to him back.

At this moment, I was confused. I started thinking about the struggle the bird has to go through to catch this fly. “What if that’s all he will get to eat today? What if this is supposed to be his answered prayer after going on hunting for days without a catch? We all have the right to live. We all have the right to feed too. Life has to be wasted so a life can be sustained. The pursuit of life, liberty, and happiness can’t happen in a vacuum. Something has to give and at this moment, the life of a dragonfly hangs in a balance.

Save the dragonfly and the flycatcher goes home hungry. Feed the flycatcher and the life of the dragonfly goes wasted. Remember, the dragonfly might be on its way to find food for the home when it met this calamity. On whose side will God be at this moment?

The morning was very young. My only aim was to feed my dogs. Not to be entangled in other people’s war. So I took a step back. By this time, the flycatcher had landed on my window pane. Observing. Or waiting for me to leave so it could possess its possession once again. I looked at the feeble life of the dragonfly again, picked the dogs’ bowl and started walking away. Let the gods decide on whose side they would want to be. There is a reason I’m not god.

Few steps forward, I heard this loud noise of speeding wings whiiiiiw! and the next sound I heard was the dog barking. I didn’t look back. I knew one thing for sure. The flycatcher had its way or the dragonfly had the last smile. Who cares? It’s just a battle of the jungle. Unfortunate is the soul at the bottom of the food chain. The dragonfly happens to be at the bottom today but even he the dragonfly has a place in the food chain where he gets to look down on other animals below him.

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It’s called life. Let the gods decide. I learned they reign in the affairs of men but if these are the decisions they have to make each day, deciding on who to live and who to die, then I don’t envy them at all.

I came back to give food to the dogs. I saw neither the flycatcher nor the dragonfly. Whoever won the day might be smiling but I don’t want to think the dragonfly lost its life. So I stoop and asked Bodie, “who won?” and it screamed “woof-woof”

Ohh Dear me, there goes the life of the dragonfly.


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