These Are The 5 Simple Ways To Make Social Media Work For You


One way or the other, we are all connected—connected to each other like never before. This is the age that has benefited and still keeps benefiting from being able to connect with one another. The beauty of it is that it is almost effortless and works without physical links. Our cables have been cut. So we walk around without the wires that once upon a time restricted how far and how long we could connect for.

It’s called Social Media. The name that has changed the world so much so that it has become almost synonymous with our culture. Today, the meaning of “knowing someone” is defined through the knowledge one has about someone’s lifestyle on their various social media accounts. Today, I know a lot of people I don’t know. I call a lot of people friends who are not friends. Even friendship has a new meaning. Social Media is the new meaning of friendship.

The opportunities presented by social media are so immense that we can’t possibly know the limit of it. Every day comes with new opportunities that never existed yesterday. These opportunities are made possible only through our engagements on social media. If you are not taking advantage of these opportunities that are only a scroll and a thumb away, tell me, are you really alive? Helloooo! (if you’re alive say hi).

#1. Sell something, anything or YOURSELF

Every day that I scroll through my Facebook and Instagram accounts, I come across more than a dozen of accounts trying to sell something to me. I have personally liked some sellers on Facebook just so I’ll know when they post new stock. Most of these sellers don’t even own a brick and mortar shops. The only place they get to display their wares is on Facebook and other social media.

You can do it too! You can even display what you don’t have. If somebody makes an order, you just contact other bricks and mortar shops to purchase it and have it delivered. You already have the market available. What is left is to get your wares to where your customers are. Your customers are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes.

Have you nothing to sell? Sell your soul. The devil is on social media too! (Don’t take that literally). You can sell yourself to your friends on social media. There is something about you others might want a piece of. There is something you can do for people—for people who are too busy or just too lazy to do that particular something for themselves. It’s called service. Over the years I’ve come across counselors, teachers, doctors, mechanics, drivers on Facebook who wants to make me believe they can save my life with their services.

The market is there. Just have something ready to sell.

#2. Learn a new skill each day

The day you die is the day you learn nothing. If today you haven’t learned anything new, you are dead! You can learn something new, a new skill altogether just by being on social media. There are a lot of accounts that post DIY(Do It Yourself) articles and videos on the web all the time. All you need is to be available and be ready to learn by doing.

I had no idea about website designing and development. I didn’t know what WordPress installation was about. All I was was dumb! I was able to put up this whole blog on my own just by following Youtube tutorials. It costs me nothing. Well, some internet bundles and time was invested here and there but that is nothing as compared to what I’ve been able to do just by watching videos.

There’s a tutorial on almost every topic on Youtube, even how to die! Just use the search bar and there you go. Previously, I thought Youtube was all about the music and funny videos until I found a video on how to talk to a giraffe and have it sing you a lullaby. You think I’m lying?

#3. Network

Networking is the new currency. What you are worth and what you’ll become depends largely on the kind of people you have in the web of your network system. Who do you know? Who can you get help from when you need it the most? Who are you getting mentorship from on the business you want to start and grow? Whose posts are you reading?

All these questions will help you in choosing the kind of people you want to be friends with on social media. It will also help you decide the kind of pages or public figure accounts you wish to like. Trust me, in as much as social media presents us with the opportunity to meet and network with people, it also provides us with the opportunity to meet people we have no need of.

I have always said to people who care to listen that don’t just build your following or friends list. There’s no need having 5000 friends or followers who don’t contribute to your social growth. It’s better you have 70 people in your cycles who actually bring something to learn or new ideas that will motivate you to act. Life is a learning journey, make it with people who bring something that is worth your attention.

To build quality friends list or following that will lead to a quality network, be the one to send the friends’ request in the case of Facebook. You identify the people who share your interest then send them friends request. If you rely on others to send you a friends’ request, you’ll end up having a list of friends who want you but you don’t want them.

#4. Be known for something, express yourself

What impressions do your social media accounts give to people? Is that impression exactly who you wish to be known for? These are the two top questions I ask myself each day. Before I post or share anything on social media, It should be something that is in line with the impression I want people to have of me. My social media image is not an accident. It’s who I am.

You have to choose to present who you truly are on social media. No matter what you say or do not say, readers will judge you. It better be a fair judgment. The internet never forgets. The things you say here today always remain for people to refer back to. Choose your campaigns right so you don’t get to say sorry tomorrow.

If you are an activist, make your stands known through your various posts and engagements. If you stand for human rights and justice, post a lot about it. If you desire to pursue a certain career path, put that impression on your followers’ mind. By all means, be something and represent something of worth. Give a voice to something hidden that you’ve come to know.

Be something but not a social media ghost. You come online to read about people and what they’ve said. You scroll and judge everybody who has said something. Then you log off. The word is ‘social’. Why have a social account when you are not ready to be social? Hello..

#5. If you are lonely, find a sweetheart

Over the years I’ve been able to meet a lot of people through social media. I’ve met different types of people for different reasons. I met the devil once to sell my soul. He didn’t buy it. He couldn’t find any use for it, so he turned down my offer. I met a lady I thought I loved. I propose to her there and then and she said yes. When we met, she said no, she didn’t like someone like me. That’s the shortest date I’ve ever been on—it lasted for only 11 hours.

If your heart is lonely, hell yes, there’s an app for that. There is nothing wrong with finding somebody to date on social media now. Everybody met their love on social media. You can’t meet someone in a vacuum. There should be a media—church, school, restaurant, shopping mall or a whore house. All these places that we met our wives and husbands provided a social media through which we met people. The only difference now is that it’s an app.

Find someone you love. Build a rapport with the person. Take her on a date. Propose to her. If she says yes, she’s your girlfriend now. One night when the mood is right. Under a pale moonlight, you can kiss her. CONGRATULATIONS! Your lonely days are over.


The opportunities and possibilities with social media are endless. Every day, we find another reason we need to connect—another reason why connection in this age is more paramount than before. Every day, we find new ways and new means to get hooked with one another in a way that makes meeting new people easier and hustle free. Due to this, it’s become very easy to be successful with people and benefit from knowing them.

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You have no excuse not to be on social media. It’s a the way forward. It’s not going to slow down anytime soon. Jump on it with a clear plan and make sure you succeed and go beyond; Sell something. Learn something. Be known for something. Network with people and if you’re lonely find a sweetheart. Then find out more about what you can do on social media today that you didn’t know yesterday. Then take advantage of it.


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