Stop Sending Out CVs In Search For a Job. Do This Instead


Entrepreneurship is the order of the day. We are admonished to quit our jobs and start working for ourselves. The only way wealth is guaranteed is to be your own boss—work for yourself. That’s very true and there are a lot of evident around to prove it. Being an entrepreneur—self boss and the owner of a business is the sure way to provide that safety net for your future.

At some point, we ought to also agree that we all can be entrepreneurs but not all of us will take the initiative to be one. People have their reasons. People have their goals in life. People have different ways of measuring what success is. To some people, finding a job in a very big corporation that ‘pays well’ is enough to make life worthwhile. Such people are not ready to go through the rigors and rough roads of becoming self employed. They love the safety of working in corporations and having a monthly stream of income.

They don’t dream of owning a piece of the world. A moderate lifestyle is enough for them.

Realistically, we all can’t decide to work for ourselves. I don’t believe the human race will reach a point in civilization where corporations are no more. Where every individual is their own boss. I could be wrong though.

Since we are still here. Since there are people who still desire to work for other organizations. Since there are kind who believe in the safety of monthly income, the job search market will  continue to thrive.


Finding job in today’s economy isn’t easy—that’s the cliche. My next wall neighbor hasn’t been working after four years since leaving the university. He tells me; “getting an interview to prove what you can do is even not easy.” Somedays he gives up hope because he’d tried. Whenever you talk to him about job, he never ceases to remind you of the many CVs he’d sent to organizations without a call back.

Almost everybody looks for work through sending CVs to hiring organizations. When you are lucky, you get a call. Few people get the call anyway. Many people are left out disappointed. Why don’t we decide to change our approach? The sending of CVs hardly work. It is difficult to prove what you can actually do on a CV. A CV that is hardly read through by HR executives. Sometimes your CV is not even looked through at all. In a situation where CVs are sorted out with software, your CV might not be looked at because it lacks the kind of keywords the employers are looking for.

How can one successfully reduce his competence into keywords? That has become an art people master to make the cut. You can do the job better but your CV lacks the keywords so you’ve been sidelined. How awful.

Let’s learn to do it differently here.

In this post, I talked about how I used the time I had as a result of a suspension from work to find clients to buy into my ideas. My idea wasn’t to find a new place of work. The idea was to sell an idea to certain selected companies. You can read it here and do same too.

Instead of sending CVs to organization who have advertised a position as vacant, look for organizations, identify some problems that they might be facing. Propose solutions to the organization’s problem and talk to them about your solutions. I know. That is not an easy thing to do. But nobody promised you an easy way out of your problems.

This is what you have to do.

Say you are a marketer. Find the company you would like to work for and ask yourself this question: “How can I help organization Z or Q to make the best out of their marketing resources whiles ensuring optimum returns on their invested resources? Then set to work in finding solutions to the question.

This is how you can come out with fine solutions;

a) Through a research. You have to do a very good research into the organizations marketing process and find the loopholes and how you can help them fill the loophole. Everyone loves to fill the emptiness in their lives. Organizations love to do it too.

b) READ! You have to read good marketing books. No body can do it alone in this world. Somewhere you will need directions. Especially in this situation, you’ll need the voice of the masters to guide you in finding those solutions. It’s only through books that you can get to listen from the masters and employ it to your situations. People who don’t read hardly find answers to things they themselves do not know.

c) Study the good things their competitors are doing but they are not doing. Some organisations lock themselves in thinking they are doing their best to ensure growth. Organizations that do that are usually oblivious to the best current practices prevailing. That’s where you come in. You present the best practices from the other side to them and explain why it’s important for them and outline how it will bring them good returns to them.

d) If the organization has been in the news for some bad reasons, look out for what happened, why it happened and what the organization could have done differently to avert the bad results that occurred.

e) Be creative. Snoop around for every information you could get and use it to your advantage.

The real job begins when you decide to go out there and meet people in the company and offer them what you have—what you think are the solutions to some of their problems they are faced with. Most people find it hard to cold-call organizations. They fear they might be rejected. They fear they might be considered stupid for doing something outside the normal. So they give up.

If you don’t try it, how would you know if it works or doesn’t? Trust me, many companies will reject your idea for it weirdness. But that shouldn’t put you down. Widen the search. Talk to as many organizations as possible. Your chances of making a breakthrough depend on how many companies you are be able to talk to and offer your ideas. Look beyond the rejection. Take it as a learning curve for your next step.

Most organizations admire initiative. They prefer doers. They prefer people who try to solve problems to people who sit on the bench until they are push to act. It only takes a doer—a lover of initiative to try to do this to find a place of work. You might not win immediately. You’ll win eventually.

It worked for me when I did it. It doesn’t mean it will work for you too. It might work for you. It might not. The only way to find out if it will or will not work for you is to try. Going for it is better than waiting on somebody to do you a favor.

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