This Is The Reason Why People Leave Your Life


She left me just when I needed her the most but it was alright. I learned to move on. Then I met someone else who brought joy back into my life. My life was normal again. I started dreaming about all the things I couldn’t dream about before. I started seeing my future with this new person in my life. She said everything I wanted to hear. I told myself she was the one. “They had to go so I could meet this one. That’s destiny at work”

“Joy wouldn’t feel so good if it wasn’t for pain,” 50 Cent said. I’ve experienced pains as a result of people leaving my life that’s why this joy of meeting someone new—someone who’s doing everything right for me is unlimited.

And then something happened again—one day I woke up and this new one too was gone. She’d also left just when I needed her the most.

Why do they always leave? Why are they the ones who get to leave me and not the other way round? Is there something wrong with me? Is there some curse on my life that pushes the people I love away? Maybe yes. Because this couldn’t have a been coincidence. Once—OK. Twice—that’s normal. But thrice and more and more? There’s something wrong with me.

So I believed. I walked around feeling guilty for all the relationships that went bad. I didn’t believe anybody could love a faulty creation like me. I became a sad person. No compliment would do even if it came from the deepest pit of love. My mind was made up—I’m the one who is wrong. I deserve no love because eventually….I would push the people I love and who loved me back away.

I lost self-esteem. I hated myself. I didn’t see anything good to be loved about myself. I became paranoid. When things were going right in my life I began to panic. I knew good things were just but shadows and they’ll end soon when darkness falls. I didn’t deserve any good things so why would they even happen to me? All good things in my life end so quickly even before I could learn to love them fully.

This is not my story. It could also not be your story. It’s for who it is. It’s for the one going through series of rejections and taking all the blame for the things that didn’t turn out right. It is for the one hurting because of a relationship she/he invested so much in and yet ended even before it started. It’s for the one saying “I’m the one who is wrong because I’m the one they always leave for better people.”

People will leave your life for one reason and the reason is this; THEY LEFT BECAUSE THEY WANTED TO LEAVE. They had a choice and they chose to leave. Don’t blame yourself for anything especially when you’re living your authentic self and being who you are and they decided they don’t like it. People will come and go. It’s a phase of life. Love will die. Relationships will end. The one you love will love someone else who won’t love them the way you do. The truth is, someone is loving you dearly but you can’t find any reason to return their love. It goes in cycles and that’s how life goes.

The amazing thing is, we are where we are now basically because of the things we let go in the past. You have to let the bad go so you can have the opportunity to meet something new—something that could turn your life around. When people leave you, it’s not because you’re not worthy of love or because you don’t deserve to have good things in your life. People leave for selfish reasons;

a. You’re no longer serving their purpose so have to go.

b. The reason that brought you together is no more

c. They’ve found someone they think can satisfy their wants

d. They have outgrown the common interest you both shared

e. They want to be alone

f. They want to just disappear

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You see, none of these reasons is about you. It’s rather more about them than it’s about you so why take it personally? I’ve come to learn that everything will leave me but I don’t have to leave myself. Everything we love is ending, even the chocolate in my mouth will disappear so soon and I can’t do anything to have it stay in my mouth forever, but I’ll be here. The day I give up on myself is the day I die.

It is good to have people in your life. It is better when they make a decision to stick with you through thick and thin. When the time comes and they decide to go, don’t beg them to stay. Allow them and allow yourself to be sad for their departure—it’s a human thing to do. In the end, above all things, be grateful for the lessons and love they brought into your life. They were once everything you ever wanted. They were once your joy. Don’t allow them to be the reason you give up on yourself.

Be of good cheer…life just started.


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