Book Review: You Are On Your Own Author: Patrick Fynn


If I can tell anyone to read my post, I’ll tell them to read this post first before any other of my post. It’s knowing “You Are On Your Own” that makes you realize that the power to think, to know and become whoever you want to be rests in your hands and nobody else’s.

Patrick Fynn is the most independent person in the world. By this, I mean he wrote the book “You Are On Your Own” which is impacting the lives of readers and giving them the sense to take charge of their lives and live it the way it manifests their life’s purpose in the most glowing manner.

Me and Patrick
Patrick Fynn and I

When I met Patrick, it was supposed to be a casual meeting where I get to buy a copy of his book and just leave. After all, I’m suppose to be on my own and not to hang around someone who has the mastery of being on his own in every situation of life. I got the book and couldn’t wait to read it.

I wanted to finish it in a day. (That’s what I usually do to books that carry a message I can’t wait to hear.) But he said, “Take your time, let the words and its essence soak your being. Then you’ll appreciate the need and freedom thereof in Being on your own”. So I did.

A small excerpt from the book; “Pick an orange as you read on. Make a puncture on it and squeeze. What comes out? Orange Juice! Why does it come out? Because that’s what’s inside. The orange is you.” The book is filled with this and more other beautiful illustrations. Every piece in the book is masterfully illustrated to incite the power of your imagination. It calls on you to come to the table so “we reason together”.

I don’t know how Patrick did it, but going through the illustrations, beautifully crafted and well-chosen words, you get the feeling of sitting next to a master narrator who’s feeding you with the wisdom of the ages past.

His medical background is vividly painted across the pages of the book that gives you the impression of a man who can fix you a new brain if he wanted to. If I read the book with an ailing mind, by the end of chapter 2, I would have had a mind splashed with new neurons and able to believe I’M ON MY OWN!

He said; “…There are chemicals that change your mood in any situation, under the control of the brain. Scientist calls them Neuropeptides. When you have any thought, they alter you.” If your next plan, your next idea doesn’t literally change who you are, ain’t you wasting the activities of the Neuropeptides? From then on I knew I had to allow myself to be changed by the positive thoughts that come to mind every now and then.

We all depend on one another. The beauty of life is seen when we all hold hands and sing a chorus to the heavens. “No one is an Island” that is a call for us to see each other as an extension of one another so why is Patrick admonishing us to be on our own. Isn’t he going against the tide?

When you get your hands on a copy of the book, the answers to these question would be made clear to you. Why will someone ask us to be on our own instead of the familiar knowledge that paints on our minds the true beauty of interdependency? Why should I be on my own when I can rely on others and reap the benefits thereof?

When I met Patrick he didn’t sell me a book. He sought to make me buy into a philosophy. A philosophy spread between the hardcovers of an inspiring book. As if to say; “I kept them here to make them compact and easier for you to carry”. I could have used a single day to complete the book. I heeded his advise; “Let the words and it’s essence soak you up”. Truly, it did.

At the tail end of an endless wisdom crammed in a must-have piece of a book, Patrick said; “The waiting business is a poor business”. It is—indeed. Why wait when you can start now? Why look up to others for answers visibly printed on the lips of your heart. Why wait for me to tell you to get the book when you can actually reach Patrick on for details?

It’s yours to decide. After all, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!

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