Ntetsia: Providing a Shade For Entrepreneurs To Thrive


What are the reasons most entrepreneurs fail to see the growth of the ideas they’ve nurtured in their pocket for most of their adult lives? I don’t know the answer. I’m not an entrepreneur. But this is an answer one of my entrepreneur friends gave me recently;

“The name of the game is capital. There are so many seeds of ideas sprouting in the pocket of many youths. But those ideas die. The seed of the ideas stunts in its growth because there is no soil the roots can grow into.”

Seed. Sprout. Soil. Roots. These are the only thing I could pick from the answer he gave me. Seed. Sprout. Soil. Roots. Like the seed, entrepreneurial ideas only flourishes when it’s planted on a good soil. When the soil is bad, the seed dies. According to this entrepreneur that I spoke to, the soil is the capital on which the seed of the idea could be planted.

“The problem we face is capital. Banks don’t trust startups enough to offer us capital with little interest rates to start a business. In the end, You would have the best of ideas. And you know very well how to steer such ideas to greatness. But, who will trust you enough to provide you with the necessary capital to at least give it a try? In the end, your ideas die exactly at the spot you birthed them”

The death of business ideas should be something we need to be scared about. It’s something as a country we need to be worried about. Countries are moving from great to great because individual businessmen were given the opportunity experiment with their ideas. What we see of those countries now are the results of the many ideas of individuals that were put to use.

When an entrepreneur fails, it’s not only his life that’s affected. All the lives of the people he could have employed are equally affected. Those the idea could have ended up employing will walk around with no jobs. Those people were not given the chance from the word go to even try, to experiment and to benefit from the fruit of their efforts.

This is one of the major problems Ntetsia seek to solve. The aim here is for Ntetsia to provide a shade–a larger shade of comfort where entrepreneurial ideas will flourish. Where ideas will find a home to do so well that others can also have a stake in those ideas.

How does Ntetsia do that? 

Ntetsia Incorporated operates by giving supports ( any kind of support a business needs to survive) to its members. Its mandate is fulfilled through giving support to entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams and help job seekers also obtain decent jobs whiles ensuring the welfare of its members.

What it means is that, just by being a member of Ntetsia, your business ideas can have a chance to flourish without thinking about capital–the deadly killer of entrepreneurial ideas in our part of the world. You only have to submit your business plan to Ntetsia, and the rest of the job would be handled for you.

Ntetsia has a council of experienced business analyst who will go through the business plan in a way of vetting the viability or otherwise of the business idea. This is done to ensure that business ideas or plans submitted to Ntetsia are businesses that would be able to withstand the economic environment of the country.

Also, it is to ensure that the likely bottlenecks that the business plan would face at the initial stages are removed. This way, the business plan would have a higher percentage of a smooth take off when implemented.

This and many others are the reasons many entrepreneurs and other people with business plans are trooping into Ntetsia to have their dreams of nurturing a business come through. It’s easy. You can join too. Ntetsia simply provides the soil–the right kind of soil to enable the seeds of your business ideas sprout. Ntetsia also provides the human resources that one might need to be able to nurture a sprouting business to maturity.

What does Ntetsia seek to gain?

The greatest thing Ntetsia seeks to gain from all these transactions is to be able to fulfil its moral mandate to eliminate unemployment and it’s accompanying social issues from the country. Ntetsia believes that providing an avenue for business ideas to thrive has rippling effects—effect that trickles down to all manner of persons who would want to deserve a reward for their efforts. One person at a time. One business mind at a time. From one entrepreneur to another, Ntetsia would be able to wipe off the issue of unemployment from our system.



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