About Nesta


nesta jojoe erskine

Nesta Jojoe Erskine is a speaker, blogger and a social media enthusiast. He’s also the founder of Weave a Dream Media—an organization focused on helping young people to maximize their potentials as early as possible to become a force for progress and positive social change in their communities and the society at large. He has been speaking around the nation’s Senior High Schools and other institutions on variety of topics based on weaving a dream and growing it into reality.

Nesta has written for the Huffington Post—an American online news aggregator and a blog. He’s also written several articles for blogs on Occupational health and safety. In his spare times (most of the hours in the day are his spare times), Nesta likes to read and answer questions on Quora. His answers are centered on Life coaching, motivation and living life without regrets.

Nesta is a husband, father and a friend to a beautiful parrot he’s named Gylfie. He likes to connect with new people through knowing their stories and forging meaning from unfortunate events. He likes talking. I mean a huge talkative who shuts his mouth only when he’s sleeping. When nobody is around to listen to him, he turn to Gylfie and they both scream together all day.

He likes to fail, a lot. He says; “Failing means you once tried to DO something you love. ‘Doing’ is the keyword—the only thing you have to take seriously not the failure”. He’s opened to everyone and would like to talk to anyone at anytime. He likes to learn from people, anyone at all. You can contact him through erskine@nestaerskine.com