9 Steps to Set Your Inner Child Free


There is a child trapped within us—each and everyone of us. All that this child wants is to be happy. The life of adulthood robs us the desire to feed the needs of this child in us. So we become our own stumbling block in the path of our own happiness. We pretend to be busy so we pay less heed to the voice of this child.

We are less happy than we use to be when young. We see kids in their world and all we have for them is the advise of a trouble life of an adulthood. We don’t cease to remind them each day of what lies ahead. As if to strip them of their innocence even before time takes that away. We are just jealous of the ease with which they express happiness. We wish we could have a piece of such happiness.

Once, we were like them. What happened? We succumbed to growth and left all our happy days behind. But we can go back. We can go back to be kids again. Not forever. But at least we can have a bite of what we used to be when kids. If we learn to do these 8 little things, then our childhood days would be just a step within our grasp.

#1. Laugh out Loud

Kid Laugh

We often times write “lol” in reply to something we feel is funny. How many times do we actually laugh out loud? I’m not talking about those silent laughters or those giggles we do occasionally. I’m talking about laughing out so loud that people far from you could feel the exuberance in your soul.

That is what children do. Actually that is what children want to do all the time. To laugh paying regards to no other person but themselves as far as what’s happening makes them happy.

We grow up and soak ourselves in our daily struggles. So we forget the little things that gave cheer to our hearts when we were little. Laughing out loud doesn’t cost a pesewa. It only requires time and making yourself available to the desires of the kid trapped in you.

Laugh the worries out so loud. Don’t suppress it for the fear of being judged. Don’t just write it. Do it– actually.

#2. Hold a hand of someone

Hold a Hand

Your hands were held when you were a kid. Many times you were held to ensure you stick to the track of the journey. You were held so your happiness doesn’t sway you off the route. Above all, you were held to let you know you belong. Till today, when someone holds our hands unexpectedly as we walk, it still gives us same chill.

The message it sends to our bodies is the same message that says you belong with me. Holding the hand of the one you love, your friend or a colleague gives the assurance that you are there—you are there for them and will be there in times of trouble and in times of need.

Hold a hand and allow yourself to be held. You can’t show a strong persona all the time. Be a baby sometimes. Fall for the little things that made you once a child.

#3. Play with a pet

Play Pet

A child plays. A child plays with anything that will make them laugh and set their heart on fire. Did your parent tell you the story of your childhood when you were best friends with the family cat? I bet they told you about how you spoke with the cat all day and pretending the cat spoke back to you.

What changed? What changed that you now live with a pet but pretend they do not exist in your world? You are too busy to say hello to your dog when it comes wiggling the tail and barking at you?

Animals are a joy to watch if you give them the needed attention. The kind of tricks they do sometimes will leave you amazed. Leave some space in your busy schedule to say hello to your pet. Spend some time pretending you both could understand what each other says or do. Spend time–a little time to be in the presence of that animal you live.

#4. Cry when you have to

Doll Cry

Just let yourself go—sometimes. Let yourself feel the hurt and allow your spirit to cry it out. It doesn’t make you weaker. It doesn’t mean you’re less of a human than others. It only means you feel it when it hurts. Cry when you have to. You’re just a mortal. You owe it to yourself to break down sometimes.

You’re strong, and even stronger. Being strong isn’t an opportunity to cry less. Being strong is having the will to soldier on when the odds are stacked against you. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t cry when it hurts so much.

Your heart is broken because s/he left you when you needed them the most? Cry! You were betrayed by the one who gave you a kiss just a couple of nights ago? Cry! People you love died when the love was about to blossom? By all means cry! It’s a human thing to cry.

When you look through the skies with a teary eye, you might see the rainbow. That’s beauty. That’s hope.

#5. Sing your favorite song out loud

Sing out loud

Have you heard the child sing a song out so loud before? Sometimes you hear no word. Sometimes the tune is thwarted. Usually they’ll sing just a line of the whole song. But that is enough for them to dance along.

You might even complain the shrill of their voice hurts your ears. They don’t care. All the care about, all that they love to do at that moment is to sing. Your views don’t matter to them. You were like that when you were a child.

Then you grew up. You pretended you’ve outgrown your childhood tendencies. You tell yourself you have no voice to sing. If only you had the voice of a canary, then you would have blasted out a tune so loud the world would hear.

Stop giving yourself excuses. Just stop it. Now, remember a song you love so much. Good! So let’s begin to sing it together—1…2…3  Shout it out! Keep singing…Don’t stop.

If you did, your heart should be telling you how good it feels to sing.

#6. Smile even if for no reason at all

Child Smile

When you smile you’re at ease. A deep true smile has a way of communicating to your heart that everything will turn out right eventually. I’ve seen a baby cry and suddenly transitions from a cry to some sort of a smile. As if he wasn’t the one crying some seconds ago.

Smile when it hurts. Smile when the odds are against you. Smile when all you want to do is cry. It’s not an easy thing to do—to smile with an aching heart. But you’ll love to heal the heart eventually. You’ll love to leave the pain behind and look on ahead. So smile now and keep the heart at ease.

#7. Find something to love

Something to love

When I was a child I didn’t have so much toys but the little that I had, I clung to them. Kids do that a lot. You won’t take their favorite toys away from them without drama. They will scream, punch and even fight to get it back. They understand love comes from what makes them happy—That toy makes her happy. That’s love.

What is it that you love? What would you fight to keep? What is it that makes waking up in the morning a beautiful adventure? There should be something you cling to—career, relationship, art, talent, writing. There should be something you find love in. So that when all seems lost, you can find shelter in that something you love.

#8. Just dance

Just dance

I’m not a good dancer. Everyone tells me so. I remember one day at a party the DJ stopped the song immediately I hit the dance floor. Seconds later, he was on the microphone saying; “can someone take that tall boy home? He’s making me lose pride in my profession.” To him, My dancing moves doesn’t pay his profession any homage. That’s how bad people think of my dancing moves.

Should that make me stop dancing? Kids don’t care what people say about how they dance. To them, dancing is an expression of happiness. It’s an expression of the fiery rhythm burning them on the inside. So they burst a move regardless of what observers think.

Dance sometime. Burst you worse move when no one is watching. Shake that bag of bones when the music hits you. Like  my friend Jeannette would say; “They don’t like how I dance? that’s their problem.”

#9. Just fart


Adults don’t like to fart. They are scared someone might hear the sound of it and judge them as uncouth. So they will hold it in with all the discomfort it brings. Even when they are alone, they prefer to go silent than loud. Silent fart isn’t funny. Go boom and have a laugh at yourself.

Don’t miss the opportunity of creating your own fanfare and have a thrill at it. It’s natural. Kids do it and have fun doing it. You grew up and found it embarrassing, even to your own self. How can the kid in you smile, when you rather like to fart inside you rather than to go boom and giggle.

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