What If I’m Dying Tomorrow? That’s why I Do This Everyday…


“I will do it tomorrow,” I said that yesterday so naturally, today is the tomorrow I spoke about yesterday. I should do it. I promised myself that I was going to do it today. Here is today. Am I going to do it?

Wait! Why not tomorrow. You see, tomorrow the weather will be warmer and warm weather is better for jobs like these. And tomorrow is not too late. I will do it tomorrow. Tomorrow is just fine because I will even have the sound mind for jobs like these.


Tomorrow will come and go. Another will come and go. I’ll just sit and stare as times pass me by because, in my mind, a better day to do something is actually not the present day but the day yet to come.

Procrastination. That’s the name they call such habits. I’m guilty. I want to stop. I’ve tried. But then, I always postpone. I tell myself; “tomorrow will be a beautiful day to stop procrastination.”

I’m a man of art. I love beautiful things. I want beautiful things to happen in my life. Each day, I pray the works of my hands create an edifice the world will never forget. But such edifice would only come to being when I pick up my axe and begin to chisel out beauties out of rocks. But before I start, my mind tells me;

a) hey wait, this is not the time for chiseling

b) sit down and think about the work very well before you start

c) Come to think of it, who wants to see your work anyway? it’s useless

d) You’ll fail and the world will laugh at you. Don’t do it

e)Are you even ready to start a project this big?

Oh, what a beautiful thing called mind. It always has something to say. Something to stop you from doing what you ought to do. The root of our procrastinating nature is found in our mind. But at some point procrastination has to stop. You have to do it because it has to be done and no one is going to do it but you.

“Live your life like everyone is dying tomorrow.” James Altucher said. That way, you would be kind to people. You will love people and give them your deepest sympathy because they are dying tomorrow. You will like to make their last day on earth very memorable. Death has a way of causing us to act in a manner we wouldn’t have, on a normal day and in normal circumstances.

So I chose death to help me stop procrastination. What if I’m dying tomorrow?

Then I would have done what I ought to do because I have no time left. There wouldn’t be any tomorrow to fantasize about. When time is limited, you do what you ought to do. Now!

My mind has stolen a lot of times from me through procrastination. I haven’t achieved a lot because I put off a lot of things I could have done earlier till it was too late. I’ve failed many times because I didn’t prepare when I had enough time. I waited till it was too late then I rushed through. Rushing through things don’t give you better results. At best, you get a rushed through results which are as poor as your preparation.

My Mind: hey wait, this is not the time for chiseling.

Me: But I’m dying tomorrow.

My Mind: sit down and think about the work very well before you start.

Me: But I’m dying tomorrow.

My Mind: You’ll fail and the world will laugh at you. Don’t do it

Me: Dead men have no shame. Tomorrow I’ll die and their laughter will cause me no shame.

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My mind goes quiet. I believe its opposition turns to sympathy—sympathy that urges me on. So I pick up my axe and start chiseling. Time is few. Success takes lots of time. You can’t afford to waste the little time you have.

“Memento mori” —remember you must die. Yeah, it’s true. I’m dying. Maybe not tomorrow, but I know a day will come when I’ll die the next day. It’s just human to die at a certain tomorrow but I don’t know that day whose tomorrow I must die, so I do what I have to do.

The only way I’ve been able to beat procrastination. There’s no tomorrow but today. Do it!


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