Google Knows Nothing. This is How it Works: You Should Do Same Too


Google is the most popular website on the internet. But it is empty. There is nothing there. All you see there is one colored logo and a bar that asks you to type something within. Apart from that, you see nothing really catchy. I don’t think anybody has ever spent about 5 minutes at the google website trying to look around.

So how do they do it? How has it been possible for Google Search to become the most popular website that everybody loves to visit? An empty website? You mean sane people wake up in the morning, pick up their gadget and visit an empty website? There should be some trick somewhere, isn’t it?

Actually there is some trick. And the trick is this;

Google search is a place of emptiness. Those who visit the site have a hole inside of them and want it filled. They are people with questions that need answers. These questions might have plagued their mind for sometime now. They wake up one morning and say; “Let me ask google. That’s where all the answers are.

So they open Google Search and type in the questions they’ve needed an answer to for so long. But here is the trick. Google doesn’t have the answers that you seek. It doesn’t pretend to have any answers to the questions you’ve come to ask. So Google tells you; “I don’t have the answers to the questions that you seek. But I know a friend (another web site) who has all the answers and more. Let me direct you to this friend and have your questions answered.”

Google provides you with links to web sites that have answers to the questions you seek. It doesn’t pretend to explain it for you. It can’t. Because it doesn’t know. And Google is not shy about the fact that it doesn’t know what you seek. It accepts its weakness and let its strength shows through the weakness. The weakness; It doesn’t know what you seek. The strength; It can direct you to where you can find the answers.

So we follow the links google provides and hundred percent of times we get the answers to our questions. We are happy. Our problems are solved. We forget about the one (web site) who gave us the answers and rather grateful to the one who led us to the one with the answers. Google becomes synonymous with answers but actually, it’s an empty website.

It has nothing to show you until you ask to be led.

When next time we have different questions. When we are faced with different problems we need answers to, we don’t go back to where we found the answers previously. We go to that same empty website—Google. We go there again with our problems and again it provides us links to the sites with the answers. In the process, Google becomes our friend. Google is the hero.

This is what Google has done for all these years. We love to go there though it’s an empty place. It’s an empty place that has the power to lead us to where we want to be.

People love to be led. When we are lost and can’t find our way around, anyone who shows us where to find the way home becomes a friend. I’ve been doing it this way for so long. The next time someone shows me the easier and better way to do it, I’m grateful. I never forget the names of people who helped me discover new things.

People are seekers. We are always looking for new things. It’s therefore normal for customers to ask for products we don’t have in stock. When we have to tell them we don’t have it, what do we do we do? We just say; “Im’ short of stock. Why don’t you go and come maybe tomorrow?”

Meanwhile there’s a shop next door who has what the customer wants in abundance. You failed to act like Google. You let an opportunity of being friends with a customer slipped. It’s not as if the customer is going to actually return to you tomorrow. Nope! They will find what they want in the next available shops.

You couldn’t give a lead to another shop. The next shop is a competitor. You can’t shine a light on a competitor. Competition is stupid. The world is too big for only one person. We all can have our share if we let go of greed. Show them a link to where they can get what they want. They’ll be grateful.

Next time they’ll come to you. They know you are two person in one; a seller and someone who shows others where they can get what they want. You are google. Not on the the internet. Google at the market place. You’ve gained their trust. You are a friend. They’ll keep coming and coming because they trust you to help even when you don’t have.

This is what happens when you direct people to a place other than to yourself;

a) You gain their trust and will always want to return to you

b) They see your heart and the kindness therein

c) They will only have good things to say about you to others.

d) You gain a disciple who will recommend your service to others

e) If they get what they want from where you directed them to, they become indebted to you. That’s what will bring them back to you over and over again

f) That act will become part of them and they’ll love to do same for others. In the end, you’ve affected someone in special way

When you throw light onto the path of another, you also see your way clearly. When you are empty, Fill the void with light and not darkness.

Light leads the eye to a beauty outside of yourself. When your void is filled with darkness, the eyes stop and turn away to look for something more enchanting. Lonely is not the place of emptiness. An empty place that leads to somewhere more exciting is always full of passers by. At least Google proves right this concept. If not, how can an empty website be the most popular website on the internet?

Show one person the way to another, and you will win thousand more to yourself.

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