Global Youth Diplomats Conference (GYDC) 2017—A World On The Move


My first time at the GYDC was last year. When I was attending the program I didn’t know what to expect. I’d attended many programs last year that left me disappointed. It was either the program promised a lot but underdelivered or organization wasn’t anything anyone could be proud of. Attending the GYDC 2016 made all the difference for me and happened to be one of the best decision I took that year.

In attendance were youth from the various African countries who had the passion and desire to make an impact in the communities they lived. With this same desire, they had traveled from their home country to the GYDC to learn how they could create impact and communicate their way through systems. Interacting with these individuals, it became very clear that the problems we face in Africa have their solutions in the youth and it takes clear vision and unity of purpose to solve such problems.

President and Executive Director of IMDID at last year’s GYDC

Speakers for the occasion took turns to address the various challenges that are prevalent in our continent and offered the attendants the opportunities to also brainstorm on the various opportunities available for the African youth to rise up and shine regardless of all the obstacles. The excitement was palpable during the group discussions where opportunities for networking availed itself.

The people I met last year have become the cornerstone in my endeavors today. When like-minded people meet and have the right amount of desire to push, greater things happen. Those I met have been a major push in my life.

When this year’s invitation came around, I didn’t think twice before saying yes. Looking at theme; “A World on the Move; the Refugee Crisis and the Role of the Youth in International Peace” any person interested in international relations would have little option than to register to attend this year’s conference. Speakers invited for the occasion are individuals who are well versed in international relations and are poised to walk you down the corridors of the happenings in our world’s body politics.

You don’t have to have any specific qualification to be part of this conference of the youth. If you are interested in international relations and would like to meet and network with like-minded people, here is the opportunity for you. Register here to be part of this program. You can also call these lines +233242018044 or +233249866532 or +233502428190 to register.



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