Eliminating Unemployment The Ants Way; How Ntetsia is Wiping Off Unemployment in Ghana and Africa.


We are unemployed not because we don’t have what it takes to be employed. We’ve attended the best of schools and made the best of grades. We carefully selected a course that had greater chances of making us employable after we’ve left school.

During graduation, our cheers knew no bounds. We are the graduates with the desire to change the world. At long last, our dreams of wearing academic gowns and having a rolled paper in our hands have come to pass. We pose for the cameras. We laugh and make the graduation moment something we could talk about someday when we are wrinkled.


We get home, look through our windows and all we see is the truth; there is no job for us until further notice. The further could be a year or two or indefinitely. What went wrong? Has the universe connived not to give us something to do after all these years of slaving away on campus?

At a Global Youth Conference organized by IMDID last month, I met a fellow who has this desire to change something in his eyes. He came to my table and introduced himself to me as Kweku Amo-Mensah. Then he said; “later, I will tell you why I deserve a minute of your time and also let you know why you should be Ntetsia (The ant) right now.”

I should be Ntetsia? How? Is this man some kind of a traveling magician who wants to turn me into some kind of an ant or something? “Well”, I thought, “the economy is hard. There’s no work to be done. If I’m turned into Ntetsia right now, I would have free food chippings to eat all the time and won’t be bordered about the worries of the world.”

It turned out I was right. Kweku Amo-Mensah is a magician. His wasn’t the magic of transforming people into different shapes. His kind of magic deals with changing the mindset of people and bringing on to the table a new possibility that hasn’t been thought of. A simple possibility with the greatest effects of eliminating unemployment from our system. How is he going to achieve that?

When we sat on a lunch table he said to me; “Do you know where this plate (pointing to the plate I was eating from) was manufactured?” I said; “From China I guess.” “Good!” he said. Then pointing to all the things on the dining table one after the other he asked; “Where were all these manufactured?” I answered; “These things look foreign. It’s possible they were all imported.”

Then he went on:

“Even these chairs we are sitting on was not made from here. Sadly, all the raw materials needed to produce these abounds in this country. So why are we not doing them here? Why do we prefer importing them from other countries when as a country we could assemble a production line here and manufacture all these things here in our own country? This is the basic reason why you and I are not employed. We don’t own the factors of the economy. We manage a foreign economy locally and cry foul when things are going wrong. Until we begin to become the owners of this economy by producing majority of the things we consume, we should forget hitting a single digit unemployment rate.”

I sat and listened as he dribbles around with the issues of economy. I’m layman. Things of the economy is not well known to me. I prefer leaving that to the expert to battle with. But listening to the statistics this my new friend was churning out, it was obvious he’s in bed with everything economy.

Then I quipped in; “people are interested to set up businesses to cater for the economy but the issue always come to the rest stop of the popular devil; CAPITAL! The difficulty with raising capital has always been the excuse of people willing and able to start something locally. Don’t tell me about raising loans from financial institutions because they don’t normally invest in startups and when they do, the interest that comes with it is enough to collapse the business before taking off.”

On hearing this, Mr Ntetsia (a name I now call him) sat straight in his chair, straightened up his tie, unbutton his suit and looked directly in my eyes and said; “What if I tell you raising capital for business is not a problem?” I looked at him doubtfully. Then he continued;

“This is where Ntetsia comes in. First of all let me tell you a bit about Ntetsia. It was founded by Rev Edward Agyekum Kufuor and Kweku Amo-Mensah with a legal mandate to support entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams and help job seekers obtain decent jobs  whiles ensuring the welfare of its members.

Ntetsia has been able to solve the issue of raising capital to start a business. And it’s so basic and comprehensive that everybody gets it. Now, if I asked you to give me hundred thousand cedis to start a business, would you be able to give it to me? It’s either you don’t have it or even if you have it, you won’t risk it on my ideas.

What if I asked you to give me one cedi? wouldn’t you give it to me freely? You would give it to me without thinking of risk because one cedi is nothing much even when you lose it. Now, if I get hundred thousand people to give me one cedi each with a promise of  a realistic returns, wouldn’t I be able to raise the hundred thousand cedis I’m looking for within some few days?”

This is the idea behind Ntetsia. Now, let me take you through the whats and the hows;

To become a member of Ntetsia is free of charge. The idea is to get everyone on board. Therefore, Ntetsia looks out for four basic kinds of people; Job seekers, entrepreneurs, small business owners and Angel investors. All these people have a lot to gain from their membership with Ntetsia.

The structure of Ntetsia is such that every member becomes an automatic contributor. Only Ntetsia contributors are eligible to support projects assessed and approved by Ntetsia. To become a contributor is not free…it comes with a one-time subscription fee. Depending on a contribution category one chooses, he or she would pay a subscription fee of either ghs7. ghs 70 or ghs700 to become a standard, platinum or diamond contributor respectively giving regards to terms and conditions.

By becoming a contributor, you stand a chance of getting employment from Ntetsia projects. You may also bring in projects for supports (incubation). You can support financially and earn returns as and when the projects you supported makes returns etc*

The subscription is so low that it could be considered as negligible considering the benefits one stands to gain.

After speaking with the CEO of Ntetsia, I was left with no doubt that something great was about to happen with such a great idea. If you think the idea is great, you should have seen the kind of commitment and dedication the people behind the scheme operate with. With Rev. Edward Agyekum Kufour as one of the founding members should give you the clearest indication of how far Ntetsia is destined to go.

Rev. Edward Agyekum Kufour and some Ntetsia members

This is a business man who has been able to drive many businesses to achieve huge success. As an Entrepreneur with passion for youth development, Rev. Edward Agyekum Kufuor seeks to support projects that has  a lot of benefit for the youth of this country. With his experience in business and entrepreneurship coupled with his passion to see the youth prosper in this economy of ours, Ntetsia can only succeed in its objective to prosper the youth and eliminate unemployment through the creation of jobs for its members.

Opportunities like this don’t come often. A chance to be part of a greater vision like this happens less often. I didn’t waste a minute to be part of this project because I’ve been to the mountain top and have seen the greater things yet to come from this project. The future of this, I know would be something I will stand somewhere and brag about: “I saw the beginning because I was there. I was there and took the opportunity to be part of it.”

I welcome you also to join this. Be an Ntetsia that saves food today so it can eat in calm when the rains flood its path to pasture. Click here to be a member for free. If you’ll like to get more details before you take a decision, feel free and call or WhatsApp these lines; 0267544460 or 0266442030. Whichever way, don’t waste time to be a part of this beautiful exodus from unemployment.

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