Here is The Easiest Way To Read As Many Books As You Want


I want to read every book on earth. Every book ever written has something in there for me. I believe. Until I read it, I wouldn’t know what is in there. It’s only when I’ve read the book that I will decide what I will do with what I got from the book. Every moment I spend with a book fills my mind with things I didn’t know. That gives me the desire to keep reading. To get more information and to get more knowledge.

But like everyone else, I have one enemy that prevents me from reading all that I wish to read. No, it’s not laziness. It’s called TIME. I have only twenty-four hours of that each day. Just like everyone else. And the truth is, you can’t spend all twenty fours reading. At some point, you have to do things. You have to get up and create new things. You have to create with the knowledge you’ve acquired. That means you have to leave the books behind and do other things.

That’s the reason I’m not able to read more than I wish I could. So every month, I set a reading target. I select the books I want to read in the month and do all I could to read before the month ends. Once a friend asked me, “How do you do it? How are you able to read so much in a month?” To him, there should be some secret to it. He told me, “Trust me, I want to read as much too but I don’t have enough time. I’m always busy.”

So do I, dear friend. I’m always busy too. I don’t have time too. At least that’s the excuse we give to ourselves. Regardless, we are able to get some other things done with the time we don’t have. It’s what you love that you get done. No matter the lack of time, one will always do the things he finds very important. So I told him, “to be able to read that much, you should see reading as one of the most important things in your life. You can’t just wish to be able to read. You can only need to read and actually go ahead and do it.

That’s the only way to read a book and be able to finish reading it.

There is lack of time, agreed. But the question is, where do we get the time to do the other stuff like eating, sleeping, chatting with friends on phone, scrolling through our social media timeline and what have you? Where do we get those times from? We make it. We create the time. So the next thing after having the need to read is to create the time. Creation takes creativity. With a little bit of creativity, you can create a lot of time for yourself.

This is how I do it;

I read whenever there’s time to wait for something; waiting for food to be served at the restaurant, waiting to be served at the hospital, waiting for a friend who never comes, and even waiting in a line. If you use these waiting times very well, you can have more than two hours in a day to read. Yeah, we wait a lot in a day.

Whenever I’m in a commute, I read.  Even if it takes only five minutes to reach my destination, I’ll read something. Five minutes is a lot of time in reading terms. A lot of fun comes my way when I have to travel a longer distance. I’ll use the boredom of having to sit still for many hours through the journey to finish a book. I love traveling longer distances.

I don’t like committing to one type of book format. I read all type of formats; paperbacks, audiobooks, ebooks and all. I have my ebooks on my phone as well as on my tablet. There is no way I’ll go somewhere without any of the two. That way, I’m not cut out from reading with the excuse that I didn’t carry a book along. Books go with me everywhere because all formats work for me. When I leave the paperback I’m reading behind, I’ll listen to audiobooks. That way, every spare time can’t go wasted.

The best way to read more is to read books that answer a question for you. Life is too short to be reading books that solve nothing in your life. It’s alright not to finish reading a book. Usually, after reading twenty pages of a book, if I’m not convinced or engaged in the direction of the book, I give up. I give up so I can pick up another interesting book to read. Read what interests you and you’ll never find reading any hard.

There is no shortcut in a reading a book. Some talk about fast reading. I don’t believe in fast reading. Reading has to be done at a pace that allows the reader to soak in whatever is being read. I take notes and at some point, I even stop to reflect on a point made that really touches my core self.

You can read as many books as you want to read. The only thing is to take the first step. Making reading a need. Like your need for food, breath, love and warmth. Then create space in your life and fill it with reading. Nobody has more than twenty-four hours. People who read over hundred books in a year could only do that because they created the time and space to read. They made reading part of their life. You can too.

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