If You Can’t Be Anything, At Least, Be Only This…


It hurts to be forgotten! The truth is simply this; you will be forgotten. Very soon. Life is busy. Everybody gets to interact with hundreds of people in a day. Everybody hears thousands of words in a day. We can’t remember everything. We can’t remember everybody we meet on our way.

We do remember some things sometimes. Mostly, the things that mean something to us is kept somewhere deep within. And someday, we tap deep within, then we remember those who made us feel special.

We get to remember people because they meant something special in our lives. But you — you reading this. Someday very soon you would be gone. For some few days, relatives will mourn you and friends will wail for your loss. But a few days later, little would be left of you. In no time, nobody will remember your existence. Out of sight, out of thought and out of memory.

Gone with the wind.

It sounds scary, right? You will be forgotten because you didn’t invent the air that we breathe. Your existence would be treated like a shadow on the wall because you were not part of the few figures who were able to change the world whiles alive. You were not on tv. You didn’t write the 50 Shades of Grey. In fact, all you did was live.

Let’s change something here.

We can’t be everything. We try to be something. Then we fail. That means we have our limitations. But there is something you and I can be. We can be this;

On a footbridge a year ago. There was this preacher with offertory bowl in front of him and preaching to the passers-by. All he did was to quote every scripture the bible that talks about giving. You place a coin in his bowl, he speaks blessings into your life. He’s gifted with oratory prowess that can melt a heart of stone to put money into his bowl.

Next to him, a beggar — a beggar with no words. She was seated upright with one palm placed in another. She uttered no words but a bowed head in supplication. She’s been in the dew all dawn begging for silvers worth of food. All dawn till morning she pleaded with passers-by to enrich her bowl with some coins so she could feed. She didn’t need to say a word. Her posture said it all. Nobody seemed to heed her plea.

Standing two meters away from her was the preacher who never stopped shouting about the sanctity of giving. “2 Corinthians 9:7” he said “Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loves a cheerful giver”

He preached on building a temple and a ministry for the worshipers of the Lord. Not too long the beggar looked down into her bowl, not so much was in there but she’s been tired. On the other side, the preacher’s bowl was adorned with all money denominations but he didn’t stop asking for more.

The beggar got up, gathered the few coins in her bowl and started off. As she approached the preacher’s bowl, she stopped, and placed all she had into the preacher’s bowl; then she said: “this is my contribution to the building of the Lord’s church.”

If we can’t be anything, we should, in our little ways try to be UNFORGETTABLE. This is how the beggar chose to remain unforgettable. Looking at the face of the preacher and his demeanor, you could tell the beggar’s action has gotten to him. For some years till he dies, he can never forget that moment — a single moment of sacrificial strength from a beggar and all the lessons one could take away.

We all want to be something. We want to mean something to somebody. We want to be the ones that take the credit for life changing situations in another’s life. If I meet you today, someday when we meet again, I want to be remembered as someone who left positive impressions the first time. I need to be remembered there and then.

It’s an art to be unforgettable. To get people to remember your impact takes little things as these;

1. By all means get your hand in the dirt and do something.
Beautiful things don’t happen. They are created. Don’t sit and watch as others do it. If you are the leader, don’t just shout orders. Dip in and be part of the molding hands that bring the creation into being. People, in the end, remember doers. They remember people who helped them build.

2. Be kind to others.
People don’t forget those who showed them kindness in times of need. I might not understand your language, but your act of kindness cannot be lost to me. Do things for those who genuinely need it. Be the person who gives favors and your name would never be forgotten.

3. Don’t forget names.
Call people by their rightful names. Our names mean a lot to us. It’s the sweetest sound to us. Make it a point to learn people’s names and also learn to pronounce and write it correctly. When I tell you my name and you actually call me by it without making a mistake, it shows you take me seriously. It might sound crazy but people attach a lot of sentiments to their names.

4. Say thank you.
It is everything to know you are appreciated. Saying thank you means you are grateful for someone’s effort in making something happen for you. In doing so, the other person feels appreciated and it’s likely they’ll do something else for you the next time. “Thank you” brings a good feeling to people’s life, say it often.

5. Tell stories.
People might forget facts and figures and data but if you put them into a story, it would have stood a chance to be remembered. People don’t forget stories. And usually, they don’t forget names of those whole tell them. Touch a life with one beautiful story, and your name won’t ever leave their memory.

6. Be the source of things.
Be the light that people come to seek what they lack. It could be anything that you are good at. Share your knowledge. Teach your skills to others. And leave your doors opened for people who love to seek what you have. They may forget the road back to you but the wouldn’t forget what you taught them. Be the light that shines for others to find their way.

7. Touch people.
Literally. A simple tap on the shoulder of a friend in distress assures them you have their back. A firm handshake and reassuring squeeze of the hand goes a long way to strengthen connections, heal the fear in others and also soothes the pain of a fellow. Be the one that loves to touch. Princess Diana was much loved because she loved to touch. Even people with a communicable disease, she found it easy to hug and shake their hands. She was loved because she built a connection with people through the power of her touch.

#8. Compliment people on their good deeds.
One of the easiest ways to connect with people is to give them meaningful compliments. It shows you admire their achievement and approve their ways of doing things. Compliment people on their work, their deeds and their sense of fashion. It builds trust. And it makes you a trustworthy person. You won’t be forgotten for that.

We know someday our times would be over. When the time comes, we want our tributes to be nothing short of amazing. At least, our epitaph should be exciting to read. We might not be the ones to change the world. We might not belong to the few that put a dent in the universe.

We might not be something the whole world would celebrate.


In the little corners that we live. In the lives that we’ve played a part in, we should be unforgettable.


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    • Grateful Debbie….one life at a time, we can change the world. I appreciate your kind words

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