9 Worries You Don’t Have To Carry To 2018 No Matter What


Ok, I’m sorry I have to write another list of blah blah blah for 2018. I know, by this time you’ve read so many of them already and probably asking yourself “why the hell is everyone on the case of 2018?”

Forgive me for writing another one. I have these worries and something tells me you might have them too, because we are all humans, right?

I’m striving not to see another day with these same worries and I believe you need to do same

#1. Physical Appearance

The way I look is not my fault. I contributed nothing to how tall I am and how big my nose is. I didn’t even know I was taller until I was compared to someone shorter. They compared my nose to someone with a pointed nose and called mine bigger. But I didn’t do it. It’s the doings of my biological makeup and I can’t do anything to change it. Well, you say surgery but I’m not rich either and a big nose isn’t a burden so why worry?

I’ll own my physical appearance as the feather in a winner’s cap. It’s me and it’s all I’ve got.

#2. Keeping up appearances

Not having something is not an embarrassment. It only tells you to be content with what you have while you work towards getting what you don’t. Why show the world you have what you don’t have? But that’s what the age of social media has turned us to. We want to post photos of a new car to show friends we are living better. We want to live a life we can’t afford because that’s what everyone is doing. I’m cutting the crap of keeping up appearances and live the way I can. Happy are those who live contently with what they have.

#3. Someone heard me fart

I was alone in the urinal so I gave myself the permission to let it all out. And it did. It was loud. Very loud.  After that, I felt very free in my stomach and became lighter. When I stepped out, I realized I wasn’t alone in there. There was another person. A female colleague at the adjacent washroom who might have heard what just happened. You know what I mean. I felt very embarrassed and spent all day hiding from her. Trying to hide makes us miserable. But you know what, I don’t care again. Next time when it happens, I wouldn’t mind even if the whole world hears it. It’s human to let it all out. The louder, the better.

#4. Being Vulnerable

I’m a man and I want the world to see me as such. I don’t want to appear weak and I don’t want the world to take the manhood tag away from me, so I go around putting on a strong face though it hurts on the inside. I’m letting all that go. I’m human and being a man isn’t about locking your feelings away. When it hurts, I’ll let it show. When I feel like crying, why not? I’m vulnerable. We all are and I won’t appear weaker just because I let my emotions take over.

#5. Who’s Right

All arguments start because someone wants to be right or someone wants to prove someone wrong. All day, they go to and fro exchanging words trying to prove their point. In the end, no one wins, at least that’s the impression they give to each other. Two people can be right at the same. Two people can be wrong too. It doesn’t matter so much who’s right or wrong. What matters is what works for you. And also, when you are right all the time, you’ll never learn. Learners grow so I’ll rather learn.  When we put our egos aside, we’ll realize that who is right isn’t important as much as what is right.

#6. Politics

Ghana changed the president last year but the news hasn’t changed. I still hear people complaining, I still see hungry people and I still hear about corruption. These same things are what people complained about when the old president was in power. True change doesn’t come from the ballot. True change comes from within. Presidents would come and go but our problems are forever. Forget about seeking change through politics and be the change. Every morning, all I hear on the radio are people arguing and being at each other’s throat over something the government did or didn’t do. But here is the thing, change doesn’t happen when we argue. Change happens when we go out there and create new things. I’m ignoring politics because it gets nothing done. The faces change but the troubles never go away.

#7. Wearing the same dress 

I asked a colleague this morning; “do you remember the shirt I wore to work on Monday?” She answered, “No.” I asked again; “What about yesterday, do you remember what I wore?” She answered no. I wore the same shirt for three consecutive days and I thought people would be judging me. In my mind, they are saying “What’s wrong with this guy that he’s been wearing this same shirt for days?” But guess what, no one cared! The lady sitting next to me in the office didn’t even see it. People are busy. People are minding their own businesses. Stop thinking you are so important that the world looks at you. No one is watching. Feel free to live your life.

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#8. Accidentally spitting a little bit during a conversation

It feels embarrassing right? But we don’t do it intentionally. Sometimes we are careful but it still happens. Everyone has saliva in their mouths and sometimes unintentionally spits some out during conversations. If it falls on someone, say sorry. If it doesn’t, ignore. bad things happen to good people. Take it like that.

#9. The stress of not responding to my comment

In fact, she responded to everyone’s comment on her post and left mine sitting there lonely like an orphan. Seeing my comment lonely and uncared for depressed me. I felt like deleting my comment but I kept hope alive and prayed for a miracle. She never responded. I’m moving on. It’s social media. If one person decides not to be social with me, there are more others who will appreciate me. No stress. Nothing is broken.

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  1. Very interesting,most of this occurs often,thanks for equipping us for a better year

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