7 Things We Mostly Do That Are Not Worth The Effort


#1. Trying to stay friends with most people from your childhood

We were friends from childhood. We loved to climb fences to steal mangoes from other people’s farms. We usually played pranks on our neighbors just for the fun of it. We loved our growing up together. The memories are worth everything.

Then we went our separate ways. Went to separate schools. We pursued different dreams. We lost touch for some time. The next time we met, we couldn’t believe how grown each of us has become. We are adults now. Dreams have changed but for the sake of our childhood, we have to try and stay friends.

That’s a total waste of each others time. We won’t have friendship as closely knitted as we had when young however hard we try. Unless…(put whatever you think can still make you stay friends there). We’ve grown meeting new people who share our new dreams and desires.

We love to talk to these new friends we made when shaping up to become who we are. Old things have passed away. Behold, we both are different creatures now!

#2. Staying in a bad relationship

I don’t want to be lonely. I want to be loved. I want to be cooked in a warm embrace of someone who loves me dearly. I want to have someone around who will love to listen to my stupid jokes. She better have to learn to laugh even when the jokes ain’t funny. I love to be in a relationship—all the time.

Being alone is terrible. Being in a bad relationship is worse. Sometimes we stay in a bad relationship thinking the other person will change.

Believing they will someday see the bottom of our love and love us back in equal measure. For this reason and more, we tend to believe it’s better to be unhappily coupled for now, so in future when they change, we live happily ever after.

It’ll never happen! If they treat you badly for no reason at all, they’ll continue to treat you badly every day. Remember it wasn’t like this in the beginning.

Ask what changed. Ask what you did wrong to deserve a heart such cold. Look into yourself. See your worth and choose yourself.

it’s not worth the effort—Move on!

#3. Saying ‘yes’ to toxic people

People love Yes-Men. When you say yes to a lot of people a lot of times, they will love you for your yes and keep coming back for more until you say yes to the death of your soul. We can’t say yes all the time. The truth is, we can’t also say no to all the people all the time.

Choose your yes carefully and choose whom you say that to also very carefully. Say no to people who are not good for you. They are not good for you and your yes to them is also bad for your health. Spend the effort of saying yes somewhere else.

Say yes to a good sex.

#4. Trying to be who you’re not

You might not be so many things but the little that you are, when you live it right, you live it better than anybody could ever try to imitate. Why waste the time and effort being a copy of something or someone else?

Being me comes naturally. I don’t have to try so hard. Trying to be someone else comes with too many accessories you might not have.

Then you have to borrow. Then you have to learn to fit it on so you can fit in. Then you have to stare in the mirror each new day asking the same question; “Do I look more of  Sally today than I used to be yesterday?”

That is a job you don’t have to give to your beautiful self. Don’t try to spread the colors like the peacock does when all you have is a tail of a mantis. It’s a simple cliche; be yourself. Is that too much a gift to give to your deserving self?

#5. Spending time on regrets

How could you change it? That power was not given to you. There’s another power you have that surpasses the power to erase what happened yesterday–the power to learn and move on. Wallowing in regrets takes a lot of energy. Same energy could be used in creating a better day.

Today will be gone tomorrow. But you’ll be here. You’ll be here facing the challenges tomorrow brings. Come what may, you need to solve the problems of today. But you have time to cry about what is gone–what is beyond your powers to make right. When are you going to start living for today?

#6. Expecting apologies from an idiot

We are humans. however hard we try not to hurt the people we love, sometimes it just happens that we trip and hurt others. People hurt us too–people we love and usually stay with. The most refreshing news a hurting heart is expecting to hear is usually just one word; Sorry.

“I’m sorry for being such a dick. It won’t happen again” That’s what wise people do when they err. The bad news is, there are people who will never say sorry no matter the times they hurt you. Don’t waste your time expecting their apologies. Don’t ask for it. If it’s genuine and coming from the heart, it should come without asking.

Don’t waste your precious time waiting for the fool’s apology. They usually never come. Forgive them.

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#7. Counting money withdrawn from an ATM 

We all have trust issues but there should be a line where we are left to believe some things. Like seriously? You count the money at the ATM?  Who crashed your faith to this level that you ought to disbelieve everyone even an ATM?

All my life, I’ve seen thousands of people line up to withdraw money from ATMs. None of them have ever complained that their money was short of a bill. Will this make you stop counting your money at the ATM?

It’s not worth the effort. It wastes the time of others who are waiting in the queue to withdraw. And make you look like you are directly from the ancestral line of Thomas.


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  1. Kindly write an article on relationships, the flaws. What makes we the ladies so silly that at the end we struggle in find suitors. And one more thing there is something a friend of mine who is a pastor said to me that the way to a man’s heart is through his head. But we all know the old adage that goes, ‘the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach’ . So what do you have to say about this

  2. Hahahaaaa…really really waste of time.
    I just can’t stopping laughing at #7…lol.

    • Hahaha…People do it a lot. It has happened to me on several occasions that I have to wait for them to finish counting their money before they leave the machine. People have trust issues

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