7 Things Men Wish Women Knew


#1. What you do to look good is often not what we think makes you look good. 

We know you want to look good for us. Sometimes you go the extra mile to be pretty so you get our attention all the time. There are one or two things that make you beautiful. Those things are the reason we’ll look at you and fall in love all over again. It has gotten nothing to do with how you wear your makeup or how you try to hip-up your boobs.

We don’t fall for things that we wouldn’t see when you are naked. Those Brazilian wigs would not stay on your head every time. Plus, we know it’s not your own hair. You get to wipe off the makeup in the night when you are about to sleep. Those shoes wouldn’t be needed on your feet finally when you are in bed with me. In the morning when you wake up, your hair will be in a deep mess.

We know all that and other tricks. Those things are what you do to look good but what we think makes you look good is usually not affected by those fake things you put on. What we think makes you look really good could be something as little as how big or small your boobs are. It doesn’t take much to impress us. Stop breaking the bank to get us interested.

#2. We don’t always like to be the ones who have to start things.

When you love a man you go mute about it until the man starts to say something about his feelings for you. Even then, you’ll have to play hard to get before you finally say Yes. When you are in the mood for a kiss, it’s the duty of the man to see it and make a move to initiate the kissing process. When it’s about sex, men have to initiate it amid world war three.

That isn’t cool. We love it when you start all those processes too. In fact, men also think it’s romantic to have a lady walk to them and start saying her heart out. We don’t play hard to get unless of course, we don’t like you. It’s about time you let go of some of the clichès and own up to your feelings for a man. It doesn’t make you a slut. It reinforces the maxim that “what men can do, women can also do it and even better.

#3. Occasionally we’ll like to look at other ladies even when you’re around.

Oh yeah, we will! And it doesn’t mean a thing! It doesn’t mean we find you less attractive or we’ll jump at the chance to leave you for her, NO! You are still beautiful and we’ll choose you every day over anyone. We just have no explanation for that ass-looking tendencies.

Somethings can’t be explained. It is just like how we don’t understand why you ladies have so many shoes and still complain of having nothing to wear. We deal with your ‘many shoes’ attitude just fine so you too, learn to deal with it.

Anyway, I know you caught me looking at the lady with the big boobs. I’m sorry! It’s not as if I think bigger breasts are sexier, no! They are just easily seen through dress.

#4. All men are not the same

We’ve said this over and over again but ladies are still finding it hard to believe. All men are not the same. We come in different heights, different complexions and with different faces. We are raised by a different parent, from different background and comes from different cultures. The only thing we have in common is a penis, even that comes in different sizes.

How can all men be the same with all these differences? You didn’t have it easy in your first relationship. Your second relationship was an emotional trauma. Your third got your heart shattered and having it hard to tie up the pieces. It’s understandable to have fears but you don’t have to make me pay for the wrongs other people did to you.

I am different. I am not saying I’m an angel. I am saying judge me base on my strength and weaknesses and not base on the weakness of those who have hurt you before. There are a lot of good men around. It is only a few bad ones that give us all a bad name.

#5. Don’t talk to us about your exes. 

After calling all men as the same, you then measure my weakness against the strength of your ex. When I go wrong, you turn to preach about how wonderful one of your exes was and how he wouldn’t have done that to you. I know, sometimes you don’t say it but you think it. Stop thinking about your ex. There is a reason it didn’t work out.

And hey, don’t ask me about the number of exes I’ve had. And also, don’t you ever tell me how many exes you have in your cupboard. It takes some shine out of the relationship. I don’t remember ever feeling happy in a relationship after knowing the number of exes my girlfriend has ever had. Keep your exes and let me keep mine. what’s important is what lies ahead of us and not the people we’ve left behind.

#6. We love our football team as much as we love you

Don’t make us choose between you and our football teams, that’s not fair. We love you. Truly truly we do. There’s this place in our hearts that our football teams occupy. It’s a special place. It’s more than love. It’s passion. It’s fanaticism. It compliments our nature.

Men love sports for its instant gratification. After 90 minutes the results are known. Within that 90 minutes, there is joy, there’s heartbreak and there’s hope. There are few places on earth you could find joy, hope, and gratification all within 90 minutes. Don’t tell us it’s just a game. It’s more than that.

Men love sports but hey, we don’t consider shopping as a sport when our wallet is being used. Anything that takes our wallet through a slimming course is never considered as sports. Get that!

#7 We wouldn’t know what you are thinking about.

There is something going on in your mind. Actually, it is bordering you. It is about something I did wrong or something I said that didn’t go well with you. You really want to know why I did that and what it means. You talked to your friends about it. You’ve asked the question on your WhatsApp status. You’ve googled why a man will say or do what I did. You’ve asked your Facebook friends too.

You’ve thought very deeply about what I did and have taken all the suggestions your friends gave you into consideration. Then you come to me and say; “It’s over. I don’t think we are meant to be together”

Hellooo! Do you realize that of all the people you’ve spoken to, I’m the only one your final decision affects? Surprisingly, I’m the only one you didn’t talk to about the problem? How would I know what you are thinking when you don’t talk to me about it? You tell me you are fine when actually there is something wrong.

Women should talk to us about things they think it’s wrong. That’s the only way we’ll know and say sorry. Just like we always do even when we’ve done nothing wrong.

Now the ball is in your court. Feel free to tell us what you also wish men knew in the comment session.


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