7 Obvious Lies Guys Usually Tell Their Women


These lies have been around for so long. I’ve used some of them sometimes. They work. They don’t work sometimes. Mostly it depends on the lady the guy is telling these lies too. It also depends so much on the guy’s history when it comes to lies. Whichever way, guys haven’t stopped using them. Watch out for them and be able to tell when he’s lying to you or he’s taking you for a ride.

#1. If God permits.

You’ve been in a relationship with him for God knows how long. You don’t see anything that implies he’s ready to take the relationship to another level. So you’re tempted to ask. You ask him and his response is; “Let’s see what God can do.” or “If God permits, we’ll marry.” That’s an excuse right there. You are not in a relationship with God and for all you know, he didn’t even ask God before he entered into the relationship with you. So why is he using God as a determining factor of your relationship with him now? He’s just hiding behind God to pull the next surprise on you. A guy who’s sure about you and have intentions towards the growth of the relationship always knows how to answer a simple question like; “What’s the next step?”

#2. Ain’t you taking things too fast?

Cast your mind back a little. A little to the time he was trying to get you to be his girlfriend. How fast was he pushing you to accept his proposal? Do you remember what he said when you told him to give you some little time to think about it? From all indications, he was in a hurry to get you to say yes. Now, you have waited for a little over a year to ask him when you two are getting married and he’s complaining about you taking things too fast? You are not taking things too fast. Even if you are, you learned it from him. He taught you to push things faster when he was pushing you to say yes quickly. He’s either not sure about you and is scared to tell you or he’s made up his mind already that he’s not going to end up with you.

#3. I’ve been very busy that’s why I couldn’t call

Very busy doing what exactly? Anytime a guy begins to give that “I’ve been busy” phrase, you have to be worried. A guy is not too busy to return the call of a woman he loves. He could be busy at some point of the day or your call came through when he was busy doing something. Whatever he was doing, trust me, he got breaks. He could have returned that call during the break. He didn’t. You’re not so much into his plans. Period!

#4. I’m sorry

He’s lying. He’s not actually sorry for what he did. He’s sorry he got caught. Simple!

#5. Aunt X, sister Y

His phone rings while he was away. You saw the name of the caller. It’s saved with the “aunt” or “sister” or even “mum prefix.” If you are curious enough to go through his phone, most female contacts are saved with these same prefixes. It could be a scum. Yeah. He’s trying to create a fake relationship to get you not to suspect him on the ladies who call him at weird times. “Aunt Bertha” could actually be just another girl he’s going out with. But you’ll be there thinking his aunt rather called him.

#6. I’m Different

You’ve been hurt before. You tell him your story because you don’t want to go through the pain again. Then he’ll tell you; “trust me, I’m different.” He’s actually not lying to you. He’s different. He’s not going to repeat the lies your ex told you. He’s coming with his own lies. He’s going to lie to you differently. And he’s not going to hurt you the same way your ex hurt you. He’s going to hurt you differently. That makes him different, isn’t it? He’s “not like all other guys” might simply mean he’s just not going to commit the mistakes the other guys committed. He’s coming with his own mistakes. Different troubles. Don’t get your hopes too high.

#7. I Just want to be friends

No guy will ever tell you from hello that he wants to be your boyfriend. They always ‘want’ to be just friends—a reason to be closer to you so they can carry out their plan B. You accept their friend’s request on Facebook and they still inbox you to ask if they could be friends with you. If you accept to be just friends, then get ready to be bombarded with love proposals in the very next future. It always happens right? That the guy who wanted to be just friends now wants to be upgraded to ‘more than just a friend’ right?


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