7 Lies We Tell Ourselves Each Day


#1. I Don’t Have a Choice

In every situation we find ourselves in, we have a choice and sometimes choices. No matter how tight the situation is, if we assess it carefully, there could be array of choices presented to us. Sometimes many of the choices we have available aren’t palatable. Whichever one we choose presents another struggle, another stumbling block we wished it wasn’t there but that doesn’t mean they are not choices.

We often say this lie to ourselves so we can feel good about the results of the choice we eventually settle for. Especially when the result of the choice we made didn’t suit our situation or someone we care about questions why we made such a bad choice. No matter what you choose, however the result you experience for the choice you made, you had a choice. Not having a choice in itself is a choice we make.

#2. My Life is Harder Than anyone else’s.

Sometimes we go through series of troubles that make us believe we have it tougher than anyone else. We usually will ask; “why always me?” It’s not always you. Some people are going through the worse of situations. It just got to your turn to face some harsh realities of life. It doesn’t mean yours is the harder life.

Every person you meet have their own battles they are fighting. There is a burning skin behind the flashy suit and tie. There is a racing heart behind that smile you just saw. It so happened that some people are graceful with the problems of their lives.

Yours isn’t the worse. Yours isn’t the hardest. It’s just one of the problems that many have gone through and come out unscathed. You too can, if you try.

#3. I can’t live Without Him/Her 

When our love was new and near intoxicating, she told me severally she couldn’t live without me. Recently I met her. She looked better than she was when with me. I told her; “You are supposed to be dead! What are you doing looking this ravishing?”

We always think we can’t live without something until we have to live without it. Then we learn we are stronger than we thought. Then we realize we can adjust to fit well into situations we find ourselves in. You can live without phones and internet and still have a better life. You can survive when your favorite person is separated from you. You can live and have a meaningful life still without the person you call the love of your life today.

#4. There is Someone Better Out There

I’ve had good people leave my life on several occasions because I was no good for them. Some awesome opportunities have slipped through my fingers because I didn’t position myself well to grab them. I was hurt and sometimes felt like dying when things like these happened to me.I needed to move on when she left me heartbroken. So I told myself the favorite lie; “There is someone better out there waiting for me”. This usually helps to soften the pain. It isn’t completely the truth.

There is no one out there for anyone. We get what we find. Sometimes it turns out to be all we ever wanted. Other times, our nightmares are born and need to find an escape.

#5. If Only I Had More Time I Would Do This or That

I always wanted to write but I didn’t have much time. I go to work and come home very late and tired. I usually don’t feel conditioned to write anything. I always told myself; “I will write something if only  I had more time.” Guess what; I never had the time until I made the time.

We all have 24 hours at our disposal. You can’t get an extra no matter how hard you try. You can’t have more. What we do with our time are the things that mean a lot to us. We would want to do things that make us happy—things that will make us money or things that make us feel wanted.

Whatever you can’t do because of the lack of time are the things you don’t see as important. If they were that important, you’ll find space to fit them in. When You’re inspired and well motivated to do something, you’ll find time and space for it. It’s non-negotiable. Usually what we lack is motivation, not time.

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#6. Good Morning

Some days are not good. Some mornings lead you to the slaughterhouse. In some evenings, you hardly can hold the pieces together. Then the night will fall and you have nothing to look back on with pride. You sleep with fears of another tomorrow.

But you walk through the day and all you have to say to people is; “good morning,” “good afternoon,” “good evening” or someone calls in the night to wish you a good night. What do you say to a “good morning” that isn’t good for you? Isn’t there a way? Or these greetings were made to be repeated back to whoever says it to us no matter the condition we find ourselves in?

I feel the burden of a lie any day I have to say “good morning” to someone without a smile. Again, if I have to receive it from someone who can’t look me in the face and say it with gleaming smile, I feel someone is lying to me about the morning.

#7. You Only Live Once (YOLO)

That’s a lie. We live every day. We only die once


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  1. It become a clichè that we say it without necessarily thinking about what it means to have a good morning

  2. Good morning looks like saying ‘I’m fine’ when you indeed know you aren’t. That’s a great lie we console ourselves with!

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