5 Things That Require Zero Talent But They’re Everything You Need To Be Great


Everyone at some point desires to be greater than what they are now. To be great and succeed in life, we are mostly told we need to be talented at something. Talented athletes always get the gold. Talented entrepreneurs get to build the great companies. The talented kid always gets the praise. People who are talented at something are seen with a better chance to succeed in life than people who are not.

Talent takes you there. Luckily, there is other stuff of life that does not require you to be talented to be able to do it. However your level of talent, you could do these and be good at it.

#1. How To Sleep

Everybody sleeps. We all need it. It’s programmed in our system as humans. To shut down at some point to be restored and be rejuvenated to face another day of life. My favorite moment is waking up at dawn and realizing that I have more hours to sleep. Nothing beats that. We need to sleep. As a matter of fact, we need to have 8 hours of sleep each day.

Sleep is not for the lazy. Actually, if you want to get something done and do it well, you need to sleep. When you get stuck on a problem and there seem to be no answers, you need to have some sleep. You will wake up the next day with refreshed mind, body and soul to go at it again. Sleep gives you your best feeling. It boosts your performance by 34% according to research. And that 34% boost can help you get a lot done in a day. Sweet dreams.

#2. Going an Extra Mile

Living in your comfort zone is really comfortable. It isn’t called “comfort zone” for nothing. Operating within the confines of our comfort zone isn’t enough. There’s always an extra mile one could cover to make life and someone’s life’s situation better.

Give to people more than they expect of you if it’s within your means to do so. Go an extra mile to put a smile on a face of a friend, a child or even a spouse. It doesn’t take that much of a talent to be able to do that. It’s very difficult to argue with Rob White when he said: “When people do more than they have to and do so with an attitude of generosity, they give of themselves in ways that lift all of the humanity. The heart grows tender when we extend ourselves beyond what’s expected.”

Going an extra mile is actually a gift you can give to yourself. A gift you could offer the world.

#3. Reading

It’s been said; who you become depends on the people you meet and the books you read. That means reading is half of the equation if you want to become something-something of note in life.

There are people who have already threaded the road you want to travel. Their experiences—victories, failures, joys, breakthrough etc. have been captured in books. It is only when you read them that you are able to know. Reading nourishes your brain. It gives you the front seat to observe the masters at play. Any right book you read gives you a head start in the game. Be that guy who reads.

We often complain about lack of time but there are free spaces in our days that we can fill with reading; during commuting, when waiting for someone, when waiting for the waiter to serve you, during commercial breaks when watching tv. By all means, find space. Read!

#4. Kindness To Others and to Yourself

Help a lady carry her luggage. Pay the taxi fare for someone—a total stranger. Visit the sick, offer to sit with them and have a conversation. Help the aged to climb the stairs. These are the little things we can do for others. Invariably, whatever we do unto others reflects in our own lives. It makes us happier. It puts a spark in our day.

When we are kind to others, it opens up opportunities for us. When we are kind to ourselves, we forgive ourselves and give ourselves the chance to try again. It doesn’t take talent. It only takes the will and the desire to see a fellow smile.

#5. Walking away from toxic people

In his book, ‘The Four Agreement’ Don Miguel Ruiz said “if someone is not treating you with love and respect, it is a gift if they walk away from you. If that person doesn’t walk away, you will surely endure many years of suffering with him or her.” If they don’t walk away, you owe it as a gift unto yourself to walk away.

Walk away from people who hurt you. Walk away from those who try to make you small so they could look big. Walk away from people who laugh at your dreams. Walk away from people who tell you “it can’t be done.”

Three type of people matter most in your life as Altucher says; your Plus, your equal and your minus. “Find your PLUS: someone you could learn from. Find your EQUAL: someone to challenge you. Then find your MINUS: someone to teach. For teaching solidifies learning.”

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Talent goes a long way but these little things require no talent. If you are good at them—if you master the art of giving, if you give yourself enough time to sleep and find the spaces in your daily life and fit reading therein, life would be better.

It’s a winners’ world and talented people mostly win. But losers too have a place here—a place to thrive and to try again until they win. A simple win is right and you can win simply with these.


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