5 Skills They Don’t Teach In School But They Are Everything You Need To Succeed


At some points in life, we look back. There are so many reasons we’ll look back—to assess the choices we made, to see how far we’ve come through life and sometimes assess growth if there had been any.

Recently, I took a reflection back to the days I was in school. Most of the things I learnt and a lot of the things that I wasn’t taught have become the corner-stone of my life now. I remember one course I studied with all passion thinking it would be everything my life would be dependent on. Today, none of those things I learnt matter in my life now. Nil!

School has been able to shape raw people to become people with knowledge. We are discerning enough today because we’ve been able to apply somethings we learned in school in our lives. That notwithstanding, there are other things school didn’t teach us;

#1.  How to Say No.

No is the shortest sentence but it’s also the sentence people rarely use. We don’t want to say no because we might hurt the people we love. We really want to say no to the request our parents make of us but they are our parent. We don’t want to hurt their feelings. We don’t want to feel we are being ungrateful.

So we say yes. Whenever we say yes where we should have say no, we don’t do ur best. We become bitter doing the things we said yes to instead of no. We curse, we cry, we are pained, then it leads us onto the path of regrets. Saying no to suffering is automatically saying yes to happiness.

If we were taught to know when to say No, most regrets of our lives would have been prevented.

#2. How to Fail

In school, I remember after every term, they will past a list of top ten students in the class and also, just beneath that same list, they’ll past the list of last ten students in the class. People in the first ten list are hailed as brilliant. they are taught of as people who are likely to make it in life. If your name comes among the last ten student, naturally you become good for nothing.

School is not a playing field for failures. But in real life, everyone fails at something before they become masters of their trade. If you’ve failed so many times, it’s an indication that you’ve been trying to work something out. You are trying to solve a problem. Why doesn’t school teach people to accept their failures with grace? Why do we shame failures—people who really put themselves out there for something?

If we teach failure as a result of trying something. If we teach people it’s alright to fail as much as you give off your best, many success stories would be recorded. It’s when you are not scared to fail that you try.

#3. Communication

Saying what you want to say exactly the way you want to say it so others will understand it exactly the way you mean is called communication. We are animals with words on our lips. Our lives find expressions in the kind of way we say things to each other. We thrive because we gave informations to each other through communication.

Such an important thing as this should not be left for us to struggle with. Most wars could have been prevented if parties knew how to communicate their feelings and the things they wanted properly. Most marriages and other relationships could have been restored if partners knew the need to communicate their feelings and their worries. Most businesses would have thrived if they knew how to understand what their customers are communicating through the choices they’re making.

#4. How To Say Thank You

Saying Thank You to others means, we acknowledge the fact someone had every reason not to have done the good things they did in our lives. But they did it anyway. It also means, we appreciate the investment of time and energy people people invested in ding the things they did for us.

Thank You; a two word sentence that goes a long way to create a better relationship and respect between people was not taught in school? When to say Thank you seems very obvious but when and how to say thank you eludes a lot of people.

Most times pride gets in the way. A lot of times too, ego robs us our will and need to say thank you to people who did good for us. We are likely to downgrade the value of things others do for us. To us, it might not seem much to deserve a thank you but all that the other person wants is to know their efforts have been appreciated. It takes only a thank you to do that

#5. Doing Things For Others

The best connections I’ve ever created with other people, I created it through doing things for them. Every person I do something for without a reward or expecting a reward stays in my network of people. True network is created when you offer your talent to the benefit of others.

Whatever you do for others is never lost. It rather accumulates. Someday when you least expect, the benefits would start trickling in. People don’t forget the names of people who helped them in times of need. People usually pay back the favor.


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