5 Reasons You Won’t Have Fulfillment of Life


#1. You compare to compete.

There are two reasons people compare their lives with others; to measure growth, to compete with the comparable. The later is what kills us. When you compare your life to other people, even when you come on top, you still will come out not happy. You find there is something more you have to do to stay on top. That puts pressure on you to always do things that don’t necessarily give you happiness but will rather help you to stay on top.

you end up competing with people who are not even aware that such competition exists. You place somebody’s life in your mirror, look at it every day and see how far you’ve come in terms of the competition. No matter the situation, you will come out the loser whenever you compare.

Everyone is fighting their own battles. Everyone is running their own race and living in the web they create with their stories. Our journeys ain’t the same. The destination might seem the same but how to reach it always comes in different forms. Why compete when you can get there on your own terms? When you compete with no one else, you always come out the winner. A simple win is right—too.

#2. You see the weight of success in only Silver or Gold.

In your mind, you are not successful until there is money to show for it. You are not successful enough if you can’t afford to own the expensive things of this world. If you can’t afford to live lavishly, then you ain’t close to being successful. The reason you don’t and won’t feel fulfilled in life is that you place what you’ve achieved on a scale balance with gold and gold is always the heaviest.

If success is all about money and more of it, then you won’t be fulfilled because there’s always some space to fill with money. fulfillment comes from finding something to be happy about. Something that puts pride in your heart. Something that makes you say; “wow, I don’t believe I was able to achieve this.”

Life is full of those moment. It comes every day in our lives to remind us that our lives have a purpose. It’s a constant reminder that your life is a source of fragrance from which others revel. You recall that moment when your child did something so great that everyone was up in an endless ovation? Then you went like; That’s my boy or that’s my girl. That moment wouldn’t have happened without you.

That’s another success. That’s fulfillment. Success shouldn’t always come with huge fanfare that the world is accustomed to. Success can be subtle and the fulfillment thereof be greater. It can be most of the things we disregard because it looks so small to count. It’s like a baby saying mama for the first time.

#3. You’re not grateful for the little things

What are you grateful for? Do you have anything in your life you could count as blessings? Stop reading now. Take a minute and reflect on all of the good things that are happening to you right now.

If you did you might have found at least one particularly good thing that’s happening to you right at this moment.  So why don’t you find times in your busy life and be grateful for such good things? It might be small but it’s ok. Our gratefulness even in little things shows the distance we’ll travel to experience the bigger things

Show gratitude—to people who offered a hand to hold when you needed it. It shows you appreciate their effort and they’ll continue to do more when you need them to. Be grateful for having what you have now. Your life doesn’t need so much of what you don’t have now to be meaningful.

#4. You don’t live for today

The most important time of anybody’s life is today. If there’s something one could do, it’s only today that the person can do it. You can’t be happy yesterday. Tomorrow is a slippery ground to bank your hopes on. What you have left is only today.

Most of the times, we are very anxious about what tomorrow might bring. It’s part of human nature to worry about the unknown. Tomorrow is unknown. We waste our today worrying about what tomorrow might bring. Then we forget to live. Then we forget to make use of the opportunities we have presently because we are too anxious about tomorrow.

We need to live for today—this moment and the times right in front of us. Most of the things about tomorrow that we worry about today usually don’t happen. We are just scared because we don’t know what could be. To be fulfilled, live your present as if it’s all you got. Embrace life and kiss your worries as they come. Stop time-traveling into the future to guess what troubles may come. Worrying doesn’t solve impending problems. It makes them worse. Live for today and let tomorrow be what it may.

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#5. You live for what others think of you

We’ve left our lives in the hands of others who control what we can say or do at any point in time. We like to be accepted by these people and don’t want to do things that will upset their liking of us. We care so much about what they think of us and as such we live our lives only to increase our approval ratings by these people.

Deep within you, there’s someone you want to be—Inside of your heart, there’s a voice that wants to be heard. You wish to be who you truly are but you are scared—you’re scared you wouldn’t be accepted by the people whose opinions you hold in high esteem. You die, just so others can live their own lives through you.How can you live a fulfilling life when you are constricted, limited, constrained by the opinions of people who shouldn’t matter in your life in the first place? There is no fulfillment in living a life that’s not yours. However small your life could be, if you live it the way you want it, you could have some pride. The essence of the victories you win would mean something to you because you did it for yourself.


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