5 Reasons You Don’t Have to Trust Your Boyfriend’s Best Friend, Even If He’s Your Brother


Women have friends. They may decide decide to call their friends sisters depending on how tight they’ve grown together as the years pass. Men don’t have friends. Men have brothers. Immediately guys become so close together, they don’t see themselves as friends again. They become brothers. The difference here is that ladies can call themselves sisters to show how deep their friendship goes. Guys don’t call themselves brothers. They are are brothers.

Things brothers can do for each other are limitless. When it comes to guy friends covering up for each other, nothing beats that. That is the more reason why you should be careful the way you trust your boyfriend’s best friend as far as the relationship goes.

#1. You might be friends with your boyfriend’s bestie, but he will never tell you he’s cheating on you.

You boyfriend’s bestie can love you to death. He’ll make you feel you are the only one his friend is loving. He’ll treat you with all respect and make you feel you are really needed where you are. Remember, he’s doing all that just because you are his friend’s lover.

It doesn’t mean he’ll let you in on the bad things your boyfriend is doing behind your back. Never! His allegiance is to his friend first before you can be considered. He could be treating your boyfriend’s side chick the same way he’s treating you. Woe to you if the side chick treats him better than you do. Then he’ll side more with the side chick. He’ll intercede for the side-chick when things go wrong and leave you alone to fight your relationship issues.

TIP: When you pick your boyfriend’s phone and want to know if he’s cheating on you, don’t read the messages he exchanges with other ladies. Read the one he exchanges with his best friend. 

#2. You can date your brother’s best friend, but your brother wouldn’t tell you what your boyfriend did last night.

That’s how deep the brotherhood between guys goes. Even your brother can be good brothers with his friend than he is with you. Your brother will go out with your boyfriend and see everything that goes on in the night. He knows all the other ladies by name and faces and even knows where they live. He’s your brother but will never tell you what goes on when you are not around.

Don’t hate your brother. He might be also doing things outside his own relationship that your boyfriend knows. But your boyfriend isn’t telling. That’s the highest code of the guy’s brotherhood. It’s hardly broken. Even when there’s a fight between guys, this code still stands. No one tells what the other is doing behind their main relationship.

#3. When you want to verify an issue, your boyfriend’s bestie isn’t the right person to verify from.

Ok you suspect your boyfriend of some wrong doing. You suspect he was with another girl last night. You have evidence to back your suspicion but you still want to hear his version. Usually, he’ll throw in some very good story to crash your evidence then he’ll end it by saying; “If you like, ask Joe (his bestie).

It’s a trap. Don’t waste your energy or your call credit to call Joe and verify. If you do. If you dare call Joe, he’ll give you a well rehearsed story that will corroborate with what your boyfriend has said and even make his case more easier to believe than the evidence you have in hand. The magic here is, even when Joe isn’t aware of the situation, he still could come up with a story credible enough to make you believe your boyfriend was winning souls for christ when actually he was with his side-chick.

TIP: Your brother could be your brother in other things. But when he’s a best friend to your boyfriend, you’ve lost your brother.

#4. When your relationship has issues, avoid discussing it with your boyfriend’s bestie.

Sometimes your relationship might develop some cracks and reasonably, you might think your boyfriend’s bestie is the one you could discuss it with. You even would tell him: “kindly advise your friend to stop what he’s doing.”

No matter how good the rapport is between yourself and your boyfriend’s bestie, remember, his allegiance first and foremost goes to his friend. Mostly, the bestie had already heard the reasons for the crack firsthand from his friend and has already taken sides. Mostly they’ll assure you they’ll do everything to resolve the issues. Don’t trust them. They usually don’t do it. Especially if he’s aware that his friend is just playing around with you, then your situation becomes worse.

TIP: When your relationship is in rocks, don’t expect a miracle from your guy’s best friend. Sometimes they help. Mostly they don’t. Whether or not they’ll help depends on how serious they know their friends take you. 

#5. Your boyfriend’s bestie knows you deeper than you think.

Guys don’t keep their best friends in the dark when it comes to issues with their girlfriends. I know there are ladies who also go all out on things concerning their boyfriends to their friends. Trust me, guys go deeper when it comes to “kiss and tell.” In actual sense, you might like to treat your boyfriend’s best friend as an extension or an annex of your boyfriend. Ow yeahh.

Everything right wth you, your boyfriend’s bestie knows them. And sadly, they also know all the things their friend thinks is wrong with you. One area where your boyfriend’s bestie can be beneficial to the relationship is to ask him: “What do you think your friend doesn’t like about me?” If the rapport between the bestie and you is good enough, he should be able to give you some pointers.


#6. When relationships go awry, don’t take the apologies of the bestie seriously.

Eventually, what happens is this. The lady might grow fed up and leave the relationship. Then the guy will realize how much of a fool he’s been to let a good girl go. So he will try to make the lady rescind her decision to leave him. Then he will send the bestie over to come and plead his case. Don’t fall for it.

Like I said, the only interest the bestie considers is the interest of his friend. His support goes to his friend and not you. He’s usually not interested in your reasons to leave the relationship. He’s only interested in winning you over for his friend so his friend will be happy again. Don’t take the plead of the bestie as a sign of desperate love from your boyfriend.

Only look at the issues that made you leave. Weigh them and see if your boyfriend is ready to make the change you seek. If he’s ready to work on the reasons that made you decide to leave him. Your eyes should be on the issues and not the plead from the besties. If you return to him without resolving the issues, chances are, nothing will change and you’ll regret your return.

TIP: Besties of your boyfriend don’t have your interest at heart. Listen to them less. The only interest they know is the interest of their friend—How to make their friend happy and not necessarily how to make you happy. 


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