5 Blogging Ideas That Will Get You Good Traffic And Make You Money in 2018


I started blogging in 2011. Somewhere along the line, I stopped. I had no direction for the blog and I also thought I was writing a lot of things no one cared to read. Why bother? I abandoned the blog finally in 2014 and moved on with my life. I haven’t deleted that blog. It’s still there because it reminds me of my beginning. It’s a cemetery now so if you love sending flowers to the dead, kindly drop one at nestaerskine.blogspot.com.

Looking back, I realized two things made me fail with that blog. One, I had little knowledge about blogging and I cared less to study and have the right mix of knowledge. I had the raw passion to write and thought that was enough to gain me a lot of audiences. I had only two readers. One of them was my girlfriend. I think the other reader died or something because she stopped coming by to read. The second reason why I failed had to do with the kind of topics I wrote on. The thing is, no matter what you write about, you’ll get readers but to get large readers depends on the kind of niche your blog is in and the kind of authority you wield in that niche.

Traffic depends on a niche. Underline that! You could have the most beautiful blog with a lot of informative posts and yet people won’t click. It’s not your fault. You might be doing nothing wrong. People don’t click on links that offer them no value and what you deem valuable might not be valuable to a lot of people. So you look around in Ghana and most of the blogs you find are lifestyle, celebrity gossips and politics because that’s what people care about. But there are different niches one can also explore, develop and become the master.

Let me give you a head start. I’m going to give you a list of blogging ideas that can fetch you a lot of traffic if you are able to provide better contents. These ideas are not new but they are not being explored so much in the Ghanian blogosphere. Do it and you’ll be able to create a niche where you can be the leader in the near future.

Health Blog

Nobody wants to die. Those who are sick are looking for a remedy. Thinner people see fat people and want to know how they can avoid being fat. Not to mention that the fat guys want to go back to the days when they were thinner. People want answers, and looking at the age we are in, people are likely to consult Google first than to consult doctors. You can be the blog Google fishes out when people key in “3 ways to stop being fat.” In Ghana, few blogs talk about health issues. Those few blogs only have health category on their blog and hardly have a post in there. If you are in the medical field, this is an opportunity for you to talk about the usual cases people bring to the hospital, the causes and how it can be prevented. Blog about your typical day at the hospital and you’ll become the new doctor.

Personal Blog

This one is my favorite. This is the kind of blog that tells the real stories of the person behind the blog. Alan Watts said, “Take a deep breath and tell us your deepest, darkest secret so we can wipe our brow and know that we are not alone.” Telling your story in a revealing way creates a connection between you and your readers. Your story could center around relationships, around your fears and your failures. By all means, tell the ugly things you’ve been through and people will care.

No one cares about your beautiful life and how you woke up at Buckingham Palace and dined with the queen. Kwadjo Panyin tells his relationship stories with his blog. He talks about what people are scared to talk about in relationships and get the conversation going on his blog. Silentbeads.com gets people to tell their real-life stories about sufferings in love and in relationships and the reception has been massive for a blog that’s only some few months old. One time Naa Oyo Quartey told a story of how she was laid off from her high paying job, her blog exploded with traffic. We’ve become inquisitive and always want to know what’s happening in other people’s lives. We want to compare our lives and know that we are not alone in our struggles. Anyone who opens up their doors for us to see their lives becomes our friend. Mo-Issah tells stories of his personal journey to self-realization and authentic living and welcomes his readers to share in his journey. That’s why his blog is popular.

Product and Services Review

Before I engage the services of an organization, I want to know if I can trust them to provide better services. Or before I buy a product for the first time, I would want to be sure that it works just as they say it works. I would like to have a second opinion, likely from a neutral person. That’s where product and services review blogs come in. Review new products coming to the market or visits hotels, restaurant and major facilities to have a first-hand opinion of their services and share with the world. Very soon, you’ll become the authority in that field and company would be running after you for reviews. The most beautiful part is, you get to sleep in beautiful hotels with five-star treatment and get many products for free.

How To Make Money Blog

If you can show people where the money is, they will follow you. It’s as simple as that. I will even be the first person to follow you. I don’t know why, but I always don’t have money and would be interested to know where the money is. Teach people legitimate affiliate marketing and how they can get involved. Tell us how we can combine A and B to get 50% profit. You can teach various banking products and how it can be beneficial to the average Joe. Just show us the money and we’ll all be your followers.

Humour Blog

Everyone wants to laugh these days. Life is too hard and everything that promises an ounce of grin would be embraced with arms wide open. It’s not surprising that the things that mostly go viral on social media are the funny stuff. People share jokes and funny videos all the time. If you can write a blog on jokes and humor, the ‘share’ tide would be in your favor and have a great traffic. Recently a lot of satire blogs sprang up but almost all of them have died out because they tackled the wrong kind of satire. Do it right and do it consistently and you’ll be on your way to becoming a hit.

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If you can write and write well, start a blog in the coming year. I always say that the field is changing. The experts of our time are not necessarily those with masters degree and Ph.D. The experts are those who are passionate about a subject and consistently find a way of talking about that subject. Blogging is the easiest way to become an expert of your passion. Blog about relationships and a few months later, people will call and tell you their relationship problems and expect you to provide a solution for them. You are an expert in what you blog about. Start now.

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