33 Life Lessons Learnt Along The Way of Becoming 33


Last year, I wrote this on my birthday.  A lot hasn’t changed. I still don’t like birthdays. Nonetheless, I don’t criticize people for being joyful on their birthdays. It’s not their fault. We were introduced to it by our parents just as their parents were introduced to it by their parents. We were raised this way and it has become part of us. We look up to it with deep cravings to the extent that some people feel special because they were born in a certain month. When a friend desires a wish on his/her birthday, I give them a glowing wish. It might not be special to me but it’s special to them. I have to respect that.

It’s another birthday this year. The only change for me is that instead of telling people how overrated birthday is, I’m looking back at life and see what I’ve learned along the way. It’s been 33 years. The days didn’t just fly by. I lived the days. I learned new things every day. 33 things I’ve learned in the journey of becoming 33 are these…

#1. Until you’re the founder of the institution that you work in, you can’t say you have a job. Whatever job you have was given to you and can be taken away.

#2. Life does not promise you stability. IT PROMISES YOU A LABORATORY. In that laboratory, you can experiment.  Good day, James Altucher. I hope there’s something new coming from your lab.

#3. Be careful the way you handle a woman’s trust. If she stripped naked in front of you, it means she has nothing to hide.  One day, she’ll put the clothes back on and nothing will make her take it off. She’s covered her truth. Forever.

#4. Keep a pet. People you love might leave you. Pets don’t leave. They love regardless of conditions.

#5. When you put the phone down and meet people face to face, you usually see what you haven’t seen before and you hear things in a deeper sense than just seeing it in a text message.

#6. A child represents everything you’ve lost on your way to adulthood. You tell them to stop being happy because their happiness is noise in your ears and most importantly when you were young, your parent also stopped you from being happy. it’s a circle of life.

#7. I’ve for so long believed quality was better than quantity. Actually, quality is a by-product of quantity. Nobody got a quality product out of one try. The quantity of tries brings out the quality.

#8. The biggest lesson I’ve learned just now is that writing 33 life lessons learned is not a good idea. It’s hard and demand a lot from your memory. Forgive me If I’m not able to write all the 33. Life’s hard enough.

#9. People you love won’t love you back. That’s ok. People you love might be loving another person who isn’t loving them as much as you love them. It’s not in your place to turn their hearts. Move on. Find someone who will return your love in equal measure.

#10. Don’t fall for words such as “I can’t live without you.” Years later, these people will no longer be in your life and yet would be breathing just fine. Promises given in a state of hysteria shouldn’t be taken seriously.

#11. The easiest way to kill obsession is to see everything in its basic state; That fine lady you’re obsessed with is just blood and flesh just like any other lady. When she farts, it smells just like any other lady. sometimes worse.

#12. When you love a girl, tell her. She can only say yes or no. Either way, you win. When she says yes, she’s yours to keep. When she says no, at least you’ll know you are not a coward.

#13. Facebook won’t give you friends. It only gives you an opportunity to meet people who can be friends. Contact those you want to have in your life.  Create magic and share with the world.

#14. Explaining your ‘no’ can make you a liar because usually, the reason for saying ‘no’ makes sense to you alone, then you try to make it sensible for others too. That’s when the lie happens.

#15. Everybody deserves a second chance. Give it to them, so one day you might deserve it too. When they come back with a sorry heart, embrace them. No one is beyond fallibility.

#16. Everything ends. Even forever love ends at the edge of the grave.  Create good memories with whatever you have so someday when it ends, you can look back with joy and not regret.

#17. “Treat people the way you want them to treat you,” they say. The truth is, no matter how well you treat some people, they’ll never reciprocate, but that’s ok.

#18. It’s good to be grateful for the blessings in your life but being grateful isn’t enough. Share whatever you’re grateful for. If you are grateful for light, share your light with the one in the dark and they’ll be grateful too.

#19. Sometimes people would want you back but know what took them away in the first place before you accept them back. Some remorses don’t go deep enough to be trusted.

#20. Pay attention. Don’t live life passively. Everything in the world was put here for our enjoyment why make it go wasted? Watch the sunrise and appreciate the miracle of nature.

#21. The happenings of today might be so small and insignificant but they become the building blocks of our stories tomorrow. That’s why you don’t have to postpone living.

#22. Nobody will give you the permission to do anything. You have to give yourself that permission. Steve Jobs changed our world with mobile. Who gave him the permission?

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#23. Don’t allow the size of a book to put you off from reading it. Every book is like a journey of a thousand miles. It begins with one step. One page at a time takes you to the end of a 1000 page book. it’s that simple.

#24. Nobody loves you unconditionally, not even your mother. All love comes with strings attached. When I say I love you for who you are, the condition is “who you are.”

#25. No one is irreplaceable. Many great men have died with many works in their hearts but the world replaced them. When you die today, your death wouldn’t cause any significant loss to the world.

#26. You can’t take credit for anything you might like about yourself. Your beauty was given to you. You played no part in acquiring it. You acquired your height from your parent’s genes and did nothing to deserve it, why be proud of it?

#27. Sex, like so many other things in life, is overrated but you might not agree with me until you marry and sex becomes a duty.

#28. “Beauty is on the inside” is a lie. Beauty is what the eyes can see. What is on the inside have their own names.

#29. Knowing the meaning of “always” and using it right can help you build a better relationship with people. Don’t say “You are always late” when she’d been late only a couple of times. She’ll fell judged.

#30. Don’t believe the salesperson when he tells you the dress he’s selling to you looks nice on you. Mostly is a lie. They’ll tell you anything to get you to buy what they are selling.

#31. Don’t feel compelled to remain friends with your childhood friends. Interest changes and we meet people who fit into our current lives perfectly than the old friends. When everything is changed, let go. Life isn’t waiting.

#32. Life is not too short. It is us who made plans for tomorrow knowing that tomorrow isn’t assured. Life is forever. When you die, life still goes on, the only difference is you are not involved.

#33. It’s ok not to be happy for someone’s success. Don’t pretend you are happy for them when actually you are not. Your happiness is yours and you decide how and on what to spend. It’s not jealousy. It is what it is.

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  1. This is really deep. Thanks for this buddy. I really need this. It worth sharing cos My friends will need it too

    God bless you for sharing your life experiences with me.

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