31 Days of Wisdom: Daily Walk With Wisdom A Review of a Book Written by Rudolph Mensah


Many times some books come your way and you ask, “Why didn’t I see this book earlier?” In the case of 31 Days of Wisdom, the question is, “Why this book wasn’t written earlier?” This is a book I would have loved to read when I started reading books because it contains what everyone needs at the beginning of life’s journey; “Widom.” It has been written based on the timeless principles of biblical teachings.

The day I saw gray in my hair, the first thing that came to mind was wisdom. I remember staring admiringly through the mirror and telling myself “Boy, even your hair is bearing the news of your wisdom.” I was lying to myself…and it was funny because I believed in my own lies. Wisdom in my gray?

It turned out…wisdom has nothing to do with gray. And it has nothing to do with growing some extra tooth.

There’s more to wisdom. And for only 31 days, Rudolph holds your hand and walk you through the path of Wisdom showing you where you can buy wisdom and even where you can access wisdom for free.

This is a book you don’t need to read in a rush. It has a lot to show you. So it takes it slowly. For 31 days study period, this book will give you inspiration and teach you what to do each and every day. Remember, reading doesn’t change people’s life. The application of what has been read does. If you are able to apply what’s has been said in the book for the next 31 days, you’ll see good things happening in your life.

As Helen Exley said, “Books can be dangerous. The best ones should be labeled “This could change your life.” That is exactly what 31 Days of Wisdom does. It is not a book for only today. It’s a book for today and tomorrow. As I’ve come to realize, all the books I love are books that never go out of style. Their principles are true today as they were the time it was written. In so many years to come, the content of this book will remain true as they are today.

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Read 31 Days of Wisdom and know where you can either buy wisdom or get it for free. Like I said, I wish it came out a little earlier. Earlier when I started reading books. Perhaps I could have done things better than I did them.


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