20 Side Business Ideas You Can Start Now and Run Them on Social Media.


Over the course of the month, I was challenged to come up with 10 business ideas that I think people can do as side jobs or people with no starting capital can start doing. The first thing that came into my mind was business ideas people can run on social media. In this case, one does not need to have an office or some sort of employees to start such business.

Some of these ideas are already out there and people are making money out of it. I don’t know if everything will work. But there’s no harm in trying as the clichè goes. The world offers each of a us a laboratory. In this laboratory, we can only do one thing; experiment!

Experiment with ideas and see which will work and which will not work. Learn from the things that do not work. Improve on them until you have a near perfect plan. Keep experimenting with these;


Receive digital service orders from Facebook and outsource it to Fiverr. This is what you do. Advertise on your Facebook that you can create a website, design a logo, or do graphic designing for a small amount of money. When you receive orders from people, you just outsource it to the gurus on Fiverr to do it for you.

Fiver is a marketplace for digital services where charges start from $5. You can charge $10 dollars for a $5 dollar work and get it done on Fiverr for your client. All you do is get a lot of orders through Facebook ads and make 50% profit on each order. That’s cool, isn’t it?


Record yourself doing your makeup and post on your Facebook or Instagram or even snapchat. Be ready to engage your followers who might have a question or two to ask. Don’t hold anything back. It creates a huge personal brand for yourself as people see you as the makeup expert. they’ll be comfortable to engage your services because they’ve seen you do it and believe in your skills.


Call a company and ask to sell for a commission. The only difference here is this, You wouldnt’t go for the product and seek to hawk it around until you get a buyer. What you’ll do is this; You negotiate for the commission per sale then you create Facebook ads for the product.

No hawking, no hustling through the scorching sun to search for buyers. Only a Facebook ads with product photos and information.Then you get buyers placing orders. You take the orders to the company and take your commission. The fun part is, you can do this for several companies so you can receive multiple streams of commission just by selling through Facebook.


Most event organizers need sponsorship to run their events. Your job here is to connect sponsors to events organizers and take a percentage cut. If you are a well networked person, you can use your links or association with certain companies to get them to be the headline sponsors for an event. Of course you should be able to convince the prospective sponsor as to the benefit they stand to gain.

Organizations don’t do things for free. they should be able to see the benefits in terms of sales or even goodwill before they’ll associate themselves with an event. This type of job needs a lot of creativity and thinking outside the box to pull. When you succeed, the juice will be worth the squeeze.


Are you an upcoming musician? make a promo songs for businesses and charge them for it. Look for a company and study their product lines and the benefit a consumer will get using such products. You then put it into a song. You can also make jingles for radio and television stations. Go to them with your work. Sell it as a solution. Don’t wait to be found. You would not be found if you don’t make yourself available.


Start Selling cleaning services to organizations and homes. You don’t necessarily have to own a cleaning company. You hire the services of a cleaning company as and when you get an order for cleaning services. Your work is to get organizations and individuals to place an order for services, then you outsource the service to another cleaning services company.

You can advertise on tonaton or on Facebook or anywhere you’ll be seen. You get your clients, charge more than the cleaning services charge you and outsource to them.


Look for landlords  with unoccupied spaces and link people looking for spaces to rent for a cut. This job has been in the system for so long except that it’s poorly done. Most of these guys working as estate agents are people who have little knowledge about estate agency.

After securing the Landlord’s permission, take pictures of the properties, both external and internal. Then you write a community and location profile of the property and do load them on your social media accounts. Add contact lines and emails and interested people will start contacting you. Boost it as ads to reach more customers.


Create a review website where you review the services of hotels and other hospitality businesses. You don’t have to necessarily spend money on the website creation. you can use some of the free website resources such as Wix to make the website. When you’ve been able to get traffic to your review site, then you can go to big hotels and review their services for a cut.

I know a friend who does that in exchange for free nights in the hotels. After all, to write a proper review, you should be able to experience all the services and products they have to offer so as to be able to write a detailed review. To be a trusted hub, you should be very objective in your reviews and also have customers of such hotels confirm your review or counter it.


Are you an electronics person? Start a video tutorials on how to fix everyday gadgets like TVs, phones, home theater, air conditioners etc. You can upload such videos on Facebook or youtube. In the case of Facebook, you can even boost the videos to reach more people.

What you are seeking to do is creating a personal brand where viewers see you as the expert or master fixer of everything electronics. Trust me, few people will dare try to fix their phones and other gadgets following your tutorials. They are scared to brick the phone. That will push them to seek expert services. And who is the expert they are going to look for? You! Because you’ve gain their trust by showing them everyday through your videos that you can get things fixed.


Be a social media manager for an organization. Look through Facebook and identify some organizations whose Facebook page have been redundant or boring. Talk to them and offer to revive their page with creative contents which will engage their followers to take action. Here, creativity is key. You should be able to convince the organization with specifics as to how you can drive traffic to their page or how you’ll be able to convince followers to take action on the company’s page.

Look for what the company lacks and offer solutions to them. They might want to increase their reach, increase the number of clicks on their Call-To-Action button or they simply want to make sales through social media engagements. You should be that guy who provides exactly what the company wants to achieve and you’ll soon be in business.

I’ve been ranting on about Facebook ads and how one can use it to reach many customers. Today, all buyers are on Facebook. Necessarily, people on social media are not looking for things to buy or services to rent. The sole purpose is to interact with their friends and family. You are taking the advantage of their presence to sell to them.

It’s therefore imperative to find the right right audience to present your products to. Facebook ads gives you that liberty to choose the type of audience you want to sell to. You can target people by age or by sex. You can also seek to target people according to the kind of things they’ve previously liked on Facebook etc.

To get people patronizing whatever you are seeking to sell, the right type of audience is very key. There are a lot of articles on the net that gives you information on how to target your ads and get leads. If you want to turn Facebook ads pro, you can read a lot of these articles.

You can also try one of these ideas below and see how it works out;


Combine the local popular recipes, make them into an ebook and sell online. Target foreigners who want a taste of foreign dishes and sell to them. You can sell on amazon.


Drop-ship from Alibaba using Facebook and Instagram Ads. You don’t need to stock the products in the first place. Advertise the products and get people to show interest and commitment in some form. Then buy the products from aliexpress and send to them for your money. I’ve seen a lot of people into this business recently.


Be an expert for something. Find your niche and provide your expertise for them.


Are you a food seller? Make a how-to-guide for cooking some special food and sell online. you could also use the opportunity to advertise your products.


Companies and small shops want to increase the presence of their products online. Take advantage of that. Specialize in Facebook and Instagram ads and do them for companies and small shops for a cut.


Run a “You Want It, I’ll Get It for You” delivery service. There are a lot of things people need but lacks the time to comb through shops and market places in search for them. Your job is to get those things for them for a cut. All you have to do is reach your target and convince them you could get anything they want for them for an affordable price. Create trust and integrity for your services and you’ll be sought for in no time.


Photography has become the order of the day. People want to appear beautiful even when they are not. Your job is to capture their beautiful side and sell it to them. Show your skills through offering free daily or weekly tutorials. Let them see you can look through their souls with your camera lenses and capture the beauty therein. People are scared to be ugly especially on their wedding day and other special occasions. Prove to them you can make them beautiful, and you are in for a business.


How does farmers get their goods to the market? We all know the struggle they go through to get their goods here to sell cheaply. Make a deal with a local farmer to help sell his products. Advertise his products on social media and take orders for him for a cut. Sell the “Fresh from farm” idea to people and they’ll love to buy from you. I’m looking for someone doing that buy from. I believe I’ll have it fresh and also cheaper.


Over the years I’ve seen people move from house to house looking for by-day works. Most of them offer to mow your lawn and you pay them for the day’s work. You can be that guy who get’s landscaping jobs from property owners and hire these ‘by-day’ workers to do it. You get the money and you pay them their worth and keep your cut.


You can also provide moving services for individuals and organizations. You don’t have to own the vehicles. Yours is to get vehicle owners whom you can call on a short notice. Get the contract and hire the vehicle owners to do the moving. You have to convince your clients you can move their stuff to their desired location safely and without breakage or loss.

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