10 Things You Can Learn in 10 Minutes That Will Be Useful For Your Life


The following are tips and tricks I’ve learnt from friends and from the internet over the years. Some of these tricks and tips have served me very well over the years. Some tip got me out of a situation that would have been messy and I was thankful. Some also helped my work; I’ve been able to do things faster than I could have. You can always learn…

Depending on your knowledge and exposure, you might not see some of these tips as life changing. On the other hand, someone reading this for the first time might go like; “awww why didn’t I know this earlier, somethings would have been simpler”. Whichever group you belong, you might find something very useful and handy from this list.

#1. You are working on your PC and want to time yourself so you know the number of minutes or hours you’ve spent on the work you are doing? Or you have a meeting to attend in the next hour and don’t want to miss or attend the meeting late?

You can set a timer. Naaa, you don’t need to pick up your phone and set the timer there. You can do it right on Google. Yes you can! You can set the timer on google and get an alarm to sound when the time is up. Just Google any amount of time and end it with “timer”. Example “1 hour timer”

#2. You see the little bulb on top of every remote control? Yeah, that’s the infra red emitter. Remember when you were younger, you’ll press the remote buttons and watch the bulb if it will light up. The light from that bulb when the remote is pressed is mostly not visible. But if you watch it though your phone’s camera or any other digital camera, you can actually see the light.

This is usually helpful if you want to check the working condition of your remote or the strength of the batteries. The higher the visibility of the light, the stronger the batteries. No need to strike the remote in your palm severally when you pressed and it doesn’t work.

#3. Did you by mistake Close a tab in Google chrome? No need to worry again, you can recall the tab. It happens a lot when you have too many tabs open in a browser. Sometimes you just want to close one particular tab but you instead close the most important tab that you are using. In Google Chrome, all you have to do is;

Press Shift + Ctrl + T

Bam! then it’s back on!

#4. How would you feel when you receive a letter from your infant self? Let say today you receive a letter from the 15 year old you, how would the feeling be like? You can try it today. There is this website called futureme.org which makes it possible for you to send emails to yourself at some point in the future.

I received one mail last month that I sent to myself in 2012; wow, it was nostalgic. The email was asking me if I was able to marry the girl I was dating then, and if I did, how was the wedding like or if I didn’t marry her, do I regret it? I couldn’t help it but laugh. You can try it too. It will help you assess your goals and the progress you’ve made since the day you sent the mail.

#5. If you are like me, then you probably don’t like to work with figures. Long strings of figures always intimidate me especially when you ask me to pronounce it in words. For instance, you write 542834691095 and ask me to pronounce the amount in words, then you want war.

So this is what I usually do. I head to Google, type in the figures and end it with “=english” then Google does the wording for me. As simple as that!

#6. I love onions but I hate cutting or slicing them when cooking. Do you know why? Your guess is good as mine; I tear up each time I cut them and I hate the way it irritates my eyes. So this is what I do instead; I put onions in the freezer for about 15 minutes before cutting or slicing and I don’t tear up. I’ve forgotten where I learnt this from but it always work.

#7. Google knows you. Ow yeah it does. You and I have become very reliant on Google so much so that we head to google every now and then to ask it questions that are bothering us. These days we settle every argument by saying; “let’s Google it”.

So Google keeps informations on every activities we do there so it can guess who we are. To check this, go to http://google.com/ads/preferences on your browser and it will lead you to a profile google has created about you if only the computer you are using is yours and that’s the computer you use personally.

#8. Sometimes you can’t help it, you need to get her number. A lady who doesn’t want you to have her number will probably give you the wrong number. If you suspect she’s giving you the wrong number, then dial the number right there. what if you don’t have a call credit on your phone?

This is what you do, If you suspect she had given you a fake number, just mention the number back to her wrongly. If she corrects it, then it’s her number. If it’s a fake number, she’ll just say yeah.

#9. Ow! Do you know Google Chrome is also a media player? Ow yeah it is. All you have to do to have Google Chrome browser to play your media files is to just drag and drop. Open Google chrome, select the file you want to play (It could be a video file of music file). Just drag and drop it into the chrome browser and bingo!

#10. It’s been said a lot times that men will always watch another lady even when they are with their partners. It happens sometimes that a guy has to have a second look or long look to satisfy his curiosity. So let’s say you stare at another woman and your wife or girlfriend catches you, just turn to her and say; “I’m glad you don’t dress like her.” It works!

Do you have any other tips or tricks you think should be added to my list? Kindly add it to the comment section. It’s good we learn from from each other, isn’t it?


of course who doesn’t like bonuses?

Question everything! Don’t believe it just because you were told to. Ask questions, listen and you will learn that roses are red; You believe roses are red? Is it because I told you? So you won’t ask questions about it? You’ll just believe it without subjecting it to logical reasoning?

Roses are red. There are white roses too!

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